Ongoing coverage of states' legalization of marijuana, marijuana effects and medical marijuana usage in the US.


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Vermont Governor Plans to Veto Bill That Would Legalize Marijuana Vermont Governor Plans to Veto Bill That Would Legalize Marijuana Vermont Governor Plans to Veto Bill That Would Legalize Marijuana Vermont Governor Plans to Veto Bill That Would Legalize Marijuana

Here's Why Vermont's Governor Won't Legalize Pot

Take the High Road: First Drive-Thru Pot Shop Opens Take the High Road: First Drive-Thru Pot Shop Opens Take the High Road: First Drive-Thru Pot Shop Opens

Take the High Road: First Drive-Thru Pot Shop Opens

First Drive-Thru Pot Shop Opens in Colorado First Drive-Thru Pot Shop Opens in Colorado First Drive-Thru Pot Shop Opens in Colorado

First Drive-Thru Pot Shop Opens in Colorado


'Weed Nuns' Using Hemp to Heal and Empower

Denver Voters Approve Marijuana Use in Bars. But There's a Catch

Utah Governor Candidate Mike Weinholtz Wants Drug Reform After Wife's Marijuana Arrest

These Nine States Will Vote on Legalizing Recreational and Medical Marijuana

First-Ever Marijuana Fair Opens in Oregon with Competition

Drug Enforcement Administration Will Not Call for Reclassifying Marijuana


Lawmaker Calls For End To 'Cash Only' Pot Shops


Pets Overdosing on Pot

Battle Over Georgia's 'No-Buzz' Medical Marijuana Law Gets Personal

'No-Buzz' Medical Pot Laws Prove Problematic for Patients, Lawmakers

Legal Marijuana Business Finds Its Footing, Despite Challenges

Emergency Room Visits Double for Marijuana-Using Colorado Visitors

Ohio Votes Down Legalizing Pot for Medical, Recreational Use

Between Pot and a Hard Place: Fed Rejects Colorado Marijuana Bank


It's Regulated, but Recreational Pot Goes on Sale in Oregon

High Hopes for D.C. Pot Growers as City, Congress Fight Over Law

Colorado Pot Taxes Will Be Waived on September 16

College Kids Smoked Pot More Regularly in 2014 than Cigarettes: Study


High Do! Newlyweds Offer Wedding Guests Open Weed Bar

Marijuana Commerce Blossoms, But Challenges Abound

Pot Industry Bank Challenges Rejection by Federal Regulators


Oregonians In a Mild Haze Over New Pot Laws

How to Legally Invest in Marijuana Companies

House Lawmakers Push Pro Medical Pot Measures

Protesters in NYC Call for Legal Marijuana in New York

Always On His Mind: Country Star Nelson Launches Marijuana Brand 'Willie's Reserve'

Uber Pairs Up With Marijuana Group to Offer 4/20 Discount for Stoners


Notorious "Cannabis Club" Raided

Colorado Marijuana Study Finds Legal Weed Contains Potent THC Levels

Obama Says Pot Legalization Shouldn't Be Young People's 'Biggest Priority'

Hash Oil Explosions Related to Marijuana Pose Risk to Colorado Homes


Jamaican Mayor Gets Lesson in Legal Pot

Hazy Heads: Heavy Teen Pot Use Linked to Weaker Memories

Mayor Makes Inaugural Purchase at Country's First Government-Run Marijuana Shop

No High Risk: Marijuana May be Less Harmful Than Alcohol, Tobacco

Alaska Becomes Third State to Legalize Marijuana

Legalized: A Year in the Life of Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

Pediatric Academy Now Says Medical Marijuana May Help Some Ill Kids

Marijuana Use Has Increased in Colorado: Study

Contact High Court: Nebraska and Oklahoma Sue Over Colorado Pot Legalization


Colorado Sued by Neighbors Over Legal Marijuana

Driving While High? Researchers Developing Breath Test for Marijuana

Vice Wars: Tobacco, Alcohol and the Rise of Big Marijuana

Colorado Marijuana Stores Offer Seasonal Discounts on 'Green Friday'

Stir It Up: Bob Marley to Headline Corporate Cannabis Brand

Pot Legalizations Push U.S. Closer to Weed Business Boom


Oregon Embraces Legal Pot

Pot at the Polls: Oregon, Alaska Cast Pivotal Votes on Legal Marijuana


Woman Shunned by Church Because of Pot Prescription?

Colorado Wants to Ban Pot Brownies, Cookies, Candies


Marijuana Harvesting Season Keeps Cops Busy

House of Representatives Passes 'No Welfare for Weed' Bill

Colorado Recreational Pot Sales Eclipse Medical Pot for First Time

For Pot Delivery Apps, Making Green Means Wading Into Legal Gray Area

Marijuana Tourists: Are More Flocking to Washington and Colorado?

'Prince of Pot' Marc Emery Out of U.S. Prison, Back in Canada

Five Years to Life in Prison for Selling Pot Brownies?

New York Times To Run Ad From Marijuana Company

Colorado's Neighbors Grappling With Spike in Pot Seizures

Colorado Tightening Edible Pot Rules

Drug Driving? Congress Debates Dangers of Driving Stoned

Draw of Legal Weed in Colo. Behind Uptick in Homeless Teens?

New York Times Calls for Ending Federal Ban On Marijuana

House Votes to Allow Marijuana-Related Banking

Puff, Puff, Pink Slip: Legal Weed Use Still Carries Job Risk

Seattle City Attorney Apologizes for Taking Pot to Work

Seattle's Only Legal Marijuana Shop Sells Out of Pot


Make the Case: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

'Firing' Over Legal Marijuana Called Mistake, Man Gets Job Back


Pot Enthusiasts: Proud To Be Part of History


Pot Dealer: Legal Marijuana Won't Put Me Out of Business


Pot Sales Begin in Washington State

Pot Sales Begin (Legally) in Washington State

Lone Seattle Weed Shops Opens to Throngs of Pot Buyers


Long Lines on First Day of Legal Pot Sales in Washington State

The Going Price for Pot in Seattle – and Elsewhere

Water-Guzzling Pot Plants Draining Drought-Wracked California


First Retail Pot Stores To Open July 8th In Washington State

Washington State's First Legal Marijuana Shops Set to Open Amid Chaos

Berkeley to Require Free Medical Marijuana for Poor

Ex-New Mexico Gov. Johnson named pot company CEO

Washington State's First Licensed Marijuana Business For Sale

Detox Network Sees Pot DUIs Spike in Colorado After Legalization

Changing Pot Laws Prompt Child-Endangerment Review

High Times: The Next Five States to Tackle Pot Laws

DEA, Federal Government's Dealer, Goes Shopping for More Pot

Colorado Lawmakers Tackle Edible Pot Problem


Colorado Symphony to Hold "Marijuana-Friendly" Concerts.

Colorado Pot Regulators Eye Stricter Rules On Edibles

Colorado Symphony Hooks Up With Pot Industry

Retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens Backs Legalized Pot


Denver Celebrates First 4/20 Since Marijuana Legalization

'We're Not Amsterdam': Is Marijuana Tourism in Colorado a Myth?


Whoopi Goldberg Pens Marijuana Column Ahead of 4/20

Marijuana Re-Shapes Brains of Users, Study Claims

Student Dies in Colorado Fall After Eating Pot Cookie

'Out of Options': Veterans With PTSD Hit Pot Underground