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Alex Tabet

Alex Tabet is an associate producer for NBC News.

Alex Tabet is an associate producer for NBC News.

Latest from Alex Tabet

280d ago

'The Letter Men' details love letters between two men separated by WWII

The short film "The Letter Men" details the love letters between two men who were separated by World War II.
296d ago

Former Navy SEALs want you to never forget true meaning of Memorial Day

Parents whose sons and daughters have been killed fighting in U.S. wars are bringing the real meaning of Memorial Day back to the holiday.
400d ago

U.S. to provide $5 billion to help states build network of EV charging stations

The Biden administration will disperse $5 billion to states to help build more electric vehicle charging stations across the country.
417d ago

Disco roller skates take off after woman repurposes rentals into 'Moon Boots'

After the Covid-19 pandemic torpedoed Adrienne Cooper's plans to open a disco roller rink in Tennessee, she was stuck with 500 rental skates.
452d ago

Quarantined over Christmas: Here's what the newly infected have to say.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. will be quarantined for Christmas after becoming newly infected with Covid. Here's what some of them had to say.
546d ago

Demanding U.N. action, a man's hunger strike focuses attention on Cuba

Nacho Rocha, 61, is on a hunger strike demanding the United Nations grant him a meeting, so he can address the issue of human rights in Cuba.
941d ago

Undeterred by tragedy, Lebanon's youth continue to fight for change

“The explosion is a symbolic manifestation of all the corruption and incompetence that’s happening," one protester said.