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Matthew Mulligan

Matthew Mulligan is a reporter for NBC News' Social Newsgathering team based in London.

Matthew Mulligan is a reporter for NBC News' Social Newsgathering team based in London.

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55d ago

Slain Congolese icon’s tooth returned to family decades after killing

A tooth believed to have been ripped from Patrice Lumumba, who once carried the Democratic Republic of Congo's hopes, is finally being returned by Belgium.
76d ago

Uvalde shooting victims included 6 current Little League players

For hours that stretched into the evening, Eliahana Cruz Torres would practice high-speed underhand throws with her grandfather in a makeshift bullpen he made

Russian rubles, Soviet flags, Kremlin TV: Putin bids for long-term control in occupied cities

The port city of Kherson and its surroundings in southern Ukraine, one of the first regions to come under Russian occupation, is increasingly showing signs of

First images appear to show Russian warship before it sank

The first images appearing to show the Russian warship the Moskva before it sank have emerged a week after Ukraine said it hit the ship with missiles.
123d ago

Video, photos show chaos in aftermath of Brooklyn subway shooting

Video and photos, including a smoke filled train car and passengers screaming, have emerged in the aftermath of the Brooklyn subway shooting in New York City.

Russian TV employee who staged on-air protest says she was interrogated for more than 14 hours

The Russian TV employee who interrupted a widely viewed evening news broadcast holding a “No war” sign told reporters Tuesday that authorities interrogated her

Videos show military vehicle crushing a moving car in Ukraine, driver surviving

Harrowing viral videos showed a military vehicle running over a moving car in Kyiv during the Russian attack on the Ukrainian capital.

Videos hint at Russia's military might in Ukraine

Within hours of President Vladimir Putin authorizing military action in Ukraine, dramatic video hinted at the force of Russia's military hardware.
183d ago

Purdue University officer in viral video put on leave due to death threats, police say

A Purdue University officer is on leave after receiving death threats following a viral video of him and a student in a physical struggle, officials say.

Search for clues about Putin's Ukraine plans turns to unlikely source: TikTok

What's Russian President Vladimir Putin planning after massing troops on Ukraine’s border? Some have turned to TikTok for answers.
213d ago

Off-duty deputy in North Carolina says on 911 call he fatally shot pedestrian who jumped on his truck

Lt. Jeffrey Hash, with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, says during a 911 call released Tuesday, he fatally shot a man who jumped on his pickup.