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Megan Carpentier

THINK editor

Megan Carpentier is an editor at THINK. 

Megan Carpentier is an editor at THINK. 

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910d ago

Late Georgetown provost accused of nonconsensual contact with student

Georgetown's president called the allegations "particularly egregious" because J. Donald Freeze had power as a priest and provost.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's loss of committee seats is a good first step. But she deserves expulsion.

She not only didn't apologize for promoting violence against House members; she fundraised off getting punished for it. The House hasn't gone far enough.

I agreed to live alone on the Palmyra Atoll for one year. Here's why and how I stayed for eight.

There was so much beauty that it made the island magical. But loneliness would still attack me.

Philadelphia didn't learn from what happened to MOVE. We must not repeat that history.

We can't learn any lessons from our past if we allow it to be covered up — or we just allow ourselves to forget what happened.

Reparations for slavery are the only way to fix America's racial wealth disparities

Slavery, Jim Crow laws and racial discrimination were a wealth transfer from African Americans to white people. It's time to make amends and give it back.

I didn't go to couples' therapy to repair my relationship. I went so it wouldn't ever break.

In order to maintain a great relationship like I have, sometimes you need to fine-tune it. And sometimes you need to fine-tune yourself.
1346d ago

'Tank Girl' taught Hollywood representation matters — 25 years later the message still does

The movie delighted a generation of women who wanted to see the ways they saw the world arrayed against them reflected onscreen — and who also wanted to wear combat boots with fishnets.

Social distancing is not a snow day. How I got my stubborn boomer dad to stop bowling.

I wasn't exactly surprised to find out my dad had a packed social calendar despite the plea to stay home. So knuckles cracking, I went to work.

A Type 2 diabetes diagnosis can overwhelm you. But with the right information, you can go on.

If I had known the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease, my mother and I might have done things differently. I want to give others that chance.

Christmas movies allow us to escape into a world of gingerbread and love. Who doesn't want that?

It's important for people to be able to have those few hours to just go into a world that is pretty and beautiful and feels good — and that's all it feels.

The racism behind anti-immigration rhetoric is palpable to every immigrant. Including me.

The idea that if you're pro-immigrant, you're anti-America, and if you're anti-immigration, you are pro-America is completely wrong.