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Amazon Dash Adds 70 New Insta-Ordering Buttons

Amazon Dash takes insta-ordering to the next level by adding 70 new buttons

Amazon has taken insta-ordering to the next level by adding 70 new products to the retail giant's line of Dash buttons.

Just one year ago, the purveyor of everything launched its Dash service — Wi-Fi enabled tiny buttons you stick around your home, and that restock your favorite everyday items with a simple push.

But Amazon addicts can’t seem to get enough.

"Dash Button orders have grown by more than 75 percent," said Daniel Rausch, director of Amazon Dash, in a statement on the company's website. “Customers are using Dash Buttons more than once a minute, helping ensure they never run out of their everyday essentials."

To keep the momentum going, Amazon decided to beef up its product line by adding even more popular items, bringing the grand count to over 100 buttons. That's right, Amazon Prime members can now one-push their way to restocking items like Doritos, Vitamin Water, Starbucks, and even Trojans. And to further entice its customers, Amazon is giving new Dash button users a $4.99 credit with their first push.

See the full list of new Dash buttons here.