McDonald’s Embraces ‘Ugly Food’ in New Video Campaign

The brand that is synonymous with uniformity just got real. McDonald’s has introduced a new video ad campaign that embraces the messy side of food prep, showing gooey eggs, melting butter, and imperfectly sprinkled breadcrumbs.

The new breakfast campaign eschews the traditional glamour shots of perfectly puffed buns and symmetrically sandwiched sausage circles. Instead, videos posted on the company’s Twitter feed show artfully misshapen fried eggs tumbling onto irregularly melted cheese while McCrumbs litter the landscape.

Industry insiders predict that this is likely McD’s first salvo in the fight to prove that its food is freshly prepared with natural ingredients.

Reaction on social media has ranged from the extremely positive:

to the downright cynical, with one Facebook commenter noting, "I wonder what would happen if they used photos of real orders? I love my occasional Big Mac but even I know that it is never going to look like the one on the order board. LOL."