Rick Perry

Secretary of Energy


The Job: Manages nuclear waste and safeguards nuclear armament, in addition to considering environmental protections

  • Previously said he wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy (later said he regretted the remarks)
  • Pledged to modernize the country's nuclear stockpile
  • Wants to promote domestic energy production in "all forms"
  • Promised to rely on scientific data when making climate change decisions

Betsy DeVos

Secretary of Education


The Job: Primary adviser on federal education policy & programs

  • Longtime supporter and advocate for school choice and voucher policies
  • Supports requiring the government to pay for private and charter school tuitions
  • Refused to rule out defunding public schools
  • Intends to revoke Obama-era Title IX guidelines for schools investigating sexual assault 

John Kelly

White House Chief of Staff 

The Job: The President's gatekeeper — manages staff and controls the flow of information and visitors to the President

  • Retired Marine four-star general
  • Formerly secretary of homeland security
  • Replaced former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on July 31, 2017

Scott Pruit

Administrator of the EPA


The Job: Enforce environmental regulations & recommending policy

  • Has sued the EPA repeatedly as Oklahoma AG
  • Believes climate change exists, but disputes effect human activity has had on climate
  • Lobbied for oil companies while in office
  • Under EPA investigation for the frequency of taxpayer-funded travel to his home state of Oklahoma 

Tom Price

Secretary of Health & Human Services


The Job: Deal with the nation's health matters

  • Tom Price resigned on September 29th, 2017, after it was revealed he had cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in private and military chartered flights
  • He had introduced comprehensive Obamacare replacement plans in every Congress since 2009
  • Traded more than $300,000 worth of health care stocks during a period in which he sponsored or co sponsored 44 pieces of health care industry legislation

Ryan Zinke

Secretary of the Interior


The Job: Manages federal lands & natural resources, including national parks

  • GOP congressman from Montana
  • Under at least three seperate Interior Department investigations relating to threatening phone calls made to Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, premature large-scale reassignment of senior officals, and chartered air travel
  • Has proposed shrinking at least four National Monuments, including reducing Bears Ears National Monument, an Obama era creation, from 1.35 million acres to 160,000
  • Strong supporter of fossil fuels

Jeff Sessions

Attorney General


The Job: Nation's top law enforcement official and chief lawyer

  • One of the Senate's most conservative members
  • Has fought to limit LGBTQ protections and was denied a judgeship in 1986 for alleged racist comments
  • Does not support a ban on Muslim immigration
  • Recused himself from Justice Department's Russia investigation
  • On Twitter, Trump has characterized him as "beleaguered" and "VERY weak" 

James Mattis

Secretary of Defense


The Job: Second only to the president in the military chain of command

  • Retired Marine general
  • Popular among both parties
  • Given a waiver by Congress that recent military personnel need to be allowed to serve as Secretary of Defense
  • Led the 1st Marine Division advance on Baghdad
  • Supports remaining in Iran nuclear deal, which Trump has called "one of the worst and most one-sided" deals ever made by the U.S.

Rex Tillerson

Secretary of State


The Job: Top diplomat for the U.S. concerned primarily with foreign affairs and relations

  • CEO of ExxonMobil (Roughly $500 million total assets, some in Russia and China, documents show)
  • Faced bipartisan criticism for close ties to Russia and President Putin
  • No government or public service experience
  • Reportedly considered resigning this summer and called Trump a 'moron' at a Pentagon meeting in July 

Linda McMahon

Administrator of the Small Business Administration


The Job: Provides support to small businesses and start-ups

  • Co-founded pro wrestling company WWE
  • Formerly a major donor to pro-Trump super PACs
  • Ran two unsuccessful campaigns for U.S. Senate

Mick Mulvaney

Budget Director


The Job: Drafts the president's budget & audits the quality of agency programs

  • Fiscal conservative
  • Elected in 2010, during the Tea Party wave
  • Supported shutting down the government over increasing budgets
  • Acknowledged that he failed to pay payroll taxes for a household employee

Robert Lighthizer

U.S. Trade Representative


The Job: Develop, recommend, and negotiate U.S. trade policy

  • Former deputy U.S. trade representative under President Ronald Reagan
  • Long supporter on tariffs on foreign imports
  • Critic of free trade
  • Longtime critic of Chinese trade practices