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Mother fighting for justice in March 2023 disappearance of Racine, Wisconsin woman Lasheky Hill

Lasheky was last seen in Racine on the night of March 26. It was just one day before her birthday.

“This is my worst nightmare. Help me find my child,” Georgia Hill pleaded. “Do the right thing.”

Lasheky Hill, was last seen on March 26, 2023. It was just one day before her 46th birthday.

“Somebody knows something,” Georgia said about her daughter’s case.

Georgia told Dateline she raised her three daughters in Racine, Wisconsin. Lasheky is the oldest. “It’s a city — a small kind of city,” she said. “It’s peaceful. Well, it was very peaceful, but it got violent everywhere.”

Lasheky raised her own children there, as well. “She has two sons. One is — just turned 27, and one 12,” Georgia told Dateline. “She has two grandkids. One’s birthday is actually today.”

Georgia described her daughter as outgoing and fun. “She liked to dress real nice and she was just friendly with everybody,” she said.

Kyani Reid
Lasheky HillGeorgia Hill

Georgia told Dateline she last saw her daughter on the morning of March 26. She said Lasheky came over to her house which is within walking distance. “She came over to get some food that I cooked,” Georgia said. “[Her] 12-year-old son had spent the night with me. And they talked and laughed around in the living room for a little bit and me and her talked and she got a plate -- she got a plate of food and she walked out the door.”

That was the last time Georgia saw her daughter.

The next day was Lasheky’s birthday. Georgia said that, as usual, she created a Facebook birthday post celebrating her daughter. “She would always heart what I put on there — she would always [comment],” she said. But not that day. “She didn’t even respond.”

Georgia then went to her daughter’s Facebook page. She said that Lasheky had planned to go out the night of March 26 to ring in her birthday. So she was expecting to see posts on Lasheky’s page documenting her night out. “It was not showing what she did on her birthday,” Georgia said. “She would show you partying. She would show how she dressed. She would show you something. Her page was not moving.”

Kyani Reid
Lasheky HillGeorgia Hill

Georgia immediately grew worried. “I knew something was wrong. It’s a mother’s instinct,” she said.

She reported her daughter missing to the Racine Police Department.

Public Information Officer Sergeant Kristi Wilcox told Dateline in an email that Lasheky was last seen on the night of March 26 on the 1300 block of Douglas Avenue.

Sergeant Wilcox said that multiple locations have been searched “including abandoned buildings, city parks, wooded areas, waterways, lakefront and apartments” and that security video from several locations has been pulled and reviewed.

According to the sergeant, multiple individuals have been looked into since Lasheky’s disappearance and her case is being investigated as “suspicious in nature.”

Georgia Hill told Dateline that she believes she knows the person who may have had something to do with her daughter’s disappearance. “He ate from my table -- he ate from my [daughter’s] table. He done been around,” she said.

No suspects or persons of interest have been named in Lasheky’s case.

In an email to Dateline, Deputy Chief Jessie Metoyer said that “the Racine Police Department is committed to finding Lasheky and bringing her home” and “the case will remain open and active until it’s solved.”

Georgia told Dateline that she wants her daughter home. But she knows it will be to bury her. “My daughter is not alive,” she said. “She would never have stayed away from her kids this long.”

It has now been four months since Lasheky’s children have seen their mother.

Kyani Reid
Georgia Hill and her grandson.Georgia Hill

Georgia said she will never stop pushing for justice and answers for her daughter’s disappearance.

“I’m going to fight till my child gets justice. This mama right here --,” she said, pausing. “They don’t know who I serve. I serve an awesome God. I’m going to tell you something: God’s going to work this out. He’s working it out right now.”

A $2,200 reward for information leading to the recovery of Lasheky is available through Racine County Crime Stoppers, in partnership with Fight to End Exploitation and Educators Credit Union.

Lasheky is 5’1”, 168 lbs., and has black hair and brown eyes. According to the Racine Police Department, she was last seen wearing white pants (possibly leggings) and carrying a black purse with rhinestones. She also may have been wearing a blonde wig.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Andrew Simon at 262-635-7770 or the Racine County non-emergency line at 262-886-2300 with any information.