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Watch the Dateline episode "The Secrets of Birch View Drive" now

Andrea Canning reports.

Connie Dabate lived with her husband, Rick, and their two children on Birch View Drive in Ellington, Connecticut.

It was normally a quiet street, but on the morning of December 23, 2015 – it was nothing but chaos.

An alarm had been triggered at the Dabates’ house. And before long, a massive police presence would fill the streets in that quiet neighborhood.

And there was that cryptic 911 call, too. Authorities weren’t sure what was going on, but they had reason to believe that there had been a home invasion at the Dabates’ house.

The troopers scoured the neighborhood looking for the intruder.

Neighbors grew concerned. Connie’s close friends Peggy Giotsas and Darlene Beaudry were frantically trying to reach her to make sure she was OK.

But calls went straight to voicemail.

It was when Peggy was standing by her window, trying to get a better look at what was happening next door, that she heard the crackle of a police scanner. It said, “DOA going to Hartford Hospital.”

What had happened at Rick and Connie’s house?

Find out on the full episode, “The Secrets of Birch View Drive.”

You can also watch on Peacock TV or listen to the podcast.

Plus, family and friends share their favorite memories of Connie.

And learn how K9 Rocky assists the Connecticut State Police, just like he did for this case.