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Apps I Live By: Levo League CEO Caroline Ghosn

Image: Caroline Ghosn.
Caroline Ghosn. Levo League

When Caroline Ghosn joined the workforce after graduating from Stanford in 2008, she struggled with the lack of mentors, especially for female employees, at her high-profile consulting job. This rocky, post-college transition led her to co-found Levo League in 2012, a network of driven, young women and men looking for career guidance from older professionals. Levo, which comes from the Latin word “elevate,” connects members with qualified mentors (Sheryl Sandberg has mentored in the past) and hosts regular video chat sessions called “Office Hours” with guest executives like Warren Buffet.

Today, the digital networking platform has more than nine million members, over 100 mentors, and 28 local chapters worldwide. Here, Ghosn shares the apps that help make her laugh, navigate cities around the globe, and track her sleep patterns.

To Laugh: Over

You know those moments where you fall out of your seat laughing and you want to capture your friend's wry smile and punchline? Over is that. I can create memes with it in 30 seconds and share those with my friends and family in a constant stream of lighthearted reflection on our daily lives.

To Stay Healthy: Up by Jawbone

This is the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning – it displays your sleep and steps from your Up Band, and helps you calibrate your exertion/recovery accordingly throughout the week. Using this app has transformed my sleep patterns and fitness patterns – I am a goal-setter by nature so clear metrics around whether or not those are hit are addictive to me. I also collaborate with two people in my life on this app – Ruzwana, a fellow start-up CEO, and Nicholas, my significant other. We keep each other honest and motivated – when they step further or sleep better, it encourages me to do the same. Peer pressure at its most positive.

To Inspire: Instagram

I love the meritocratic, unabashedly aesthete personality of this app. If you capture inspirations in your life beautifully you get feedback that you have created something meaningful right away. It also forces me to stop and ask myself what I have appreciated today and be present in other people's beautiful context.

To Get Around: Uber

I recently traveled to Dubai and was thrilled to be able to use my app to have a consistent experience with New York City or San Francisco. As someone who moves around a lot for work, I could not wish for Uber to expand faster into more territories. Go Travis go!

To Connect: WhatsApp

My family lives in multiple time zones (I am the oldest of four and my parents live abroad) so this is how our family shares and stays connected.

To Get Stuff Done: TaskRabbit

Huge shout-out to fellow female entrepreneur Leah – this app is a lifesaver. I just moved in to a new apartment in San Francisco as we opened a new office there and could schedule installations, gardening, people who could wait for the cable guy, and everything else under the sun through this app. I even organized a TaskRabbit to visit my co-founder Amanda who was in LA for her birthday and bring her hundreds of Peeps, one of her favorite foods. I. Love. This. App.

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