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Apps I Live By: Model & Coder Lyndsey Scott

Lyndsey Scott
Lyndsey Scott Courtesy of Lyndsey Scott

Lyndsey Scott is a fashion model by trade, but her talents have taken her beyond the runways of Paris and New York. When she’s not modeling for labels like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, she’s developing a growing collection of original apps. After graduating from Amherst College with a degree in computer science in 2006, Scott took a risk – at the encouragement of her friends – and pursued a career in modeling instead of a job in Silicon Valley. In 2009, she was the first African American to sign an exclusive contract to model for Calvin Klein at New York fashion week, followed by gigs for powerhouse labels like Vera Wang and DKNY. Today, in addition to modeling, Scott has released five apps for Apple products, including one called Code Made Cool that encourages more girls to explore computer science.

Here, the New Jersey native shares the apps that help her fall asleep, wake her up, and share her resume.

To Learn: Podcasts

I'm a big podcast listener. I have trouble falling asleep without closing my eyes and tuning into 1950s radio murder mysteries on Great Detectives, gaining bits of random knowledge from Stuff you Should Know, practicing my foreign language skills with News In Slow French, or catching up on the day's news in English with the BBC or Anderson Cooper.

To Present: iPort

One of my apps, iPort, is a portfolio app so I use it every day to show casting directors my modeling work. I'd obviously recommend it to fellow fashion folks, but it's also great for graphic designers, architects, or anyone who wants to show off their work on their iPad without losing the feeling of a traditional hard cover portfolio. You can customize your book, table, logo, easily add and edit your images, store multiple portfolios, share your portfolio, and more. You can even add video to your book for a full multimedia experience. iPort's free to download on the Apple App Store.

To Caffeinate: Starbucks

I wasn't a huge Starbucks drinker... until I downloaded this app. Free menu item every 12 purchases? Yes, please. I've already pre-loaded my in-app Starbucks card so I may as well use it, right? With a few false incentives, the Starbucks app has successfully tricked me into paying double for my morning cup o' Joe.

To Compete: Scramble With Friends

I'm absolutely addicted. The rules: Drag your finger around the grid of letters to form letters as fast as you can. Win by finding more words than your opponent. Form 100 or more words per round, and you're in the big leagues. Play at your own risk.

To Hail: Uber

While first learning to code for iOS, the first app I built was actually a taxi cab app. I never ended up releasing it, but I know how logistically complicated that sort of thing is and I think Uber's made all the right decisions. I think it's so cool that you can order a cab, select your level of luxury from dependable black car to the ever-variable "X" (for when you're feeling cheap and/or adventurous), then track your driver as he/she comes to your door in a matter of minutes. Like ordering a pizza, but easier.

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