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9 New York Television Festival Pilots to Put on Your Radar

The New York Television Festival is approaching, which means a new crop of pilots and series will be showcased during its Independent Pilot Competition. Here are nine selections about or of interest to the LGBTQ community.
"Last Will and Testicle" / NYTF

The 12th Annual New York Television Festival is approaching, which means a new crop of pilots and series will be showcased during its Independent Pilot Competition. This year 63 programs will be featured during the six-day event, which runs from October 24-29.

Here are nine selections to put on your radar:

1. "That's My DJ"

Created by D.W. Waterson, "That's My DJ" takes an "unapologetic" look at music through the changes in the rave genre. Journey through the electronic music scene in Toronto with various characters like Emily Piggford's Meagan and Hannah, played by Dayle McLeod.

2. "Her Story"

Emmy-nominated web series "Her Story" follows Violet and Paige, two transwomen, as they both navigate their complex issues with relationships after finding new opportunities for love. The web series was created by Jen Richards and Laura Zak.

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3. "Truth Slash Fiction"

Tim Rosser, Daniel Schloss and Charlie Sohne created this series, which centers on a young girl who loves a band called Truth. She thinks she's found her tribe when she meets a group of writers who also love the band, but things take a turn when she learns the group writes erotic gay fan fiction featuring the members of Truth. The series is inspired real-life communities that write erotic gay fan fiction.

4. "According to My Mother"

This modern family series, created by Daniel K. Isaac, Cathy Y. Yan and Devin Landin, centers on a young, gay, Korean-American based in New York and his disapproving, devout Christian mother. The young man's life is completely changed when his mother moves in with him.

5. "Written Off"

Best friends Keith and Liam find themselves unemployed when the fashion section of The Chicago Truth shuts down. Now the duo must reinvent themselves whether they want to or not. Antoine McKay and Margie Shabazz created the comedy.

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6. "Popclick"

Quinn Beswick, Josh Margolin and Samantha Martin created "Popclick," a comedy series about three aspiring journalists who work extremely hard to try to keep Popclick, their gossip site, alive.

7. "The Next Four Years"

Created by Hunter Arnold and Nick Blaemire, "The Next Four Years" centers on two recent graduates who fail to "make it" after college, forcing them to rethink the lives they initially envisioned for themselves.

8. "Last Will & Testicle"

Inspired by true events and created by Byron Lane, this comedy series tells the story of a gay man who is diagnosed with testicular cancer. "Lost Will & Testicle" follows him as he tells his loved ones, goes through treatment and deals with his tumors -- tumors that literally walk around and talk to him.

9. "Gemma & The Bear"

"Gemma & The Bear," created by Kevin R. Free and Eevin Hartsough, centers on 30-something Gemma and The Bear. By day she struggles to find love and by night he takes the world by storm, but they never meet -- because they are the same person. The Bear is Gemma's gay, black alter ego who takes all the chances she is too scared to.

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