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On Assignment: The Drone Revolution

On Assignment: The Drone Revolution 12:05

Richard Engel is granted access to Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, the heart of secretive U.S. drone warfare operations overseas, and interviews CIA Director John Brennan about the country’s drone warfare strategy.

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The Drone Revolution: Richard Engel Reports 0:46
The Drone Revolution: Breaking Down the Videos 2:15

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Will, a US Air Force Captain at Creech Air Force base outside Las Vegas, shows Richard Engel previously restricted footage of a US drone strike. NBC News
The commander of Creech Air Force Base, distinguished former combat fighter pilot Colonel Case Cunningham, sits down with Richard Engel to discuss drone warfare. NBC News
Inside a ground control station, where two drone operators train. NBC News
Two Predator drones in hangar at Creech AFB outside Las Vegas, Nevada. NBC News