An unconventional route to fame

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While many actors are dying to get into show business, none of them are going as far as our Chuck Lamb of Lamb is trying to make it big in the industry  by playing dead. 

He joined Rita Cosby on ‘Live and Direct’ to explain why playing dead might make him famous. 

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RITA COSBY, HOST, ‘LIVE AND DIRECT’:  When I heard this idea, I went, “What?”  How did you come up with this idea? 

CHUCK LAMB, DEADBODYGUY.COM:  Well, everybody wants to be in a movie or TV show sometime in their life.  It's everybody's dream. 

COSBY:  A secret fantasy?

LAMB:  And it's everybody's.  I mean, and so I just knew I couldn't go to Hollywood and say, “Hey, I'm Chuck Lamb.  I'm a father of six.  And I want to be in a movie just one time to fulfill my dream,” because they wouldn't let me.  So I had to think of something a little unconventional, a little something outside the box.  And it seems like it's doing pretty well. 

COSBY:  It's definitely fascinating.  My producer, Andy Dallas, went out with you following you around New York City on a quite wet and windy day.  Walk us through some of the places that you went.  What are you doing here?

LAMB:  [When I was in Times Square] it was raining so bad.  And I just jumped up.  I just—and the funny part is that he got—what it said underneath me.  It said, “It's a dirty job,” and I'm laying on top of the trash can. 

COSBY:  What was the reaction there's tons of people in Times Square, right?

LAMB:  Oh, yes.  One guy asked, “Is he OK?”  But then he just kept walking. 

COSBY:  A typical New Yorker, huh?

LAMB:  Yes, that's true.  This is the shoe shine place.  I really appreciate you guys taking me out today.  It was hilarious. 

COSBY:  Now, what does your family think of this? 

LAMB:  I have six children.  Four of them's grown, and they all just love it.  Of course, they're used to their dad being a little unconventional.  So it's a family project, believe it or not.  My wife has taken the pictures.  She loves it.

I'm the guy next door.  I'm the guy in the cube next to you.  I'm your mailman.  I'm your breadman.  And that's where this has all come about.  It's a feel-good story, I think, that anybody can do anything if you set your mind to it and think a little bit outside the box. 

COSBY:  Well, it's definitely thinking outside the driveway, at least, here in this case.

LAMB:  Oh, it was cold that day.  It was so coCOSBY:  Again, it looks like it almost killed you, right?

LAMB:  Oh, yes.  Like I said, I'm going to be in a movie or die trying. 

COSBY:  Well, in fact, we have a big surprise for you. 

LAMB:  You do, really?

COSBY:  Right now, we are joined on the phone by Roger Marino.  He's the executive producer of a new film calls “Stiffs” with Danny Aiello. 

Roger, what do you have to say to Chuck? 

ROGER MARINO, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, “STIFFS”:  Well, you know, it's very interesting.  I saw him this morning on a morning show.  And, Chuck, what we have going here in Boston is we're filming a movie calls “Stiffs,” as Rita said, and it's starring Danny Aiello and Leslie Ann Warren.  And I'm here to offer you a role. 

LAMB:  Are you serious? 

MARINO:  Call it a bit of typecasting.  “Stiffs” is about a funeral home which is going out of business. 

LAMB:  Are you serious? 

COSBY:  He's serious.

MARINO:  Dead serious. 

LAMB:  Do you know how many people around the world right now are jumping up?  You wouldn't believe the e-mail that I get but it's like the whole world has been behind me going, “We can do this.”  And that's what I say on my Web site.  We can all do this.  Anybody can. 

MARINO:  Well, you know, as I say, it's a bit of typecasting.  I only have two concerns, though, Chuck.  And one is that my zip bag is only so big, and I noticed here—someone was saying you're about 6'4”.  Is that true? 

LAMB:  No, no, I'm six foot even. 

MARINO:  OK.  All right.  That's good.  That makes me feel better.

LAMB:  And you know what?  My feet—I don't use them that much anymore, anyway. 

I'm in a cubicle.  So if we need to be—I can go down to about 5'8” if you really need to.  I'll just cut off my feet at the ankles.

MARINO:  All right, that will help. 

The other problem is that, you know, we're filming this in Boston in which is definitely an Italian-American area.  And I notice we might have to have—do a little makeup work on you, maybe put a little wig on you that makes you look a little bit more Italian.

COSBY:  Roger, we've got to go, unfortunately, because we've got a hard break.  Really quick, are you going to accept this? 

LAMB:  Yes, of course I'm going to accept it. 

COSBY:  You bet.  Oscar in the works?

LAMB:  If they have a category for best dead guy. 

COSBY:  All right.  We're rooting for you.  Congratulations.

LAMB:  Thank you so much.  This is unbelievable. 

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