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Get ‘The Most’ from Alison Stewart

What's happening in the news and on the Internet? Find out on MSNBC
Alison Stewart
Alison StewartMSNBC
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MSNBC’s new groundbreaking news program, “The Most,” with host Alison Stewart, debuted on MSNBC on May 1 at 3:00 p.m. ET.  Fast-paced and spirited, the new one hour show will give viewers a look at “the most” sought-after stories of the day. Every day, “The Most” will report on the most searched stories on the Internet, the most viewed stories from a multitude of news sources, the most e-mailed stories or photo images, the most downloaded music or blogged-about subject matter and the most viewed television programs or movies.  Tapping into the top news stories of the day, “The Most” will dig even deeper to give viewers the most information on their favorite topics.

In addition to covering the top hard news stories of the day, “The Most” will cover a range of topics, from politics to pop culture, including business, technology, lifestyle, entertainment and news relating to people’s everyday lives. The program will cull all major daily newspapers, a plethora of news and information websites, weekly periodicals, and more, as it pinpoints the most widely searched topics of interest.  “The Most” will also turn the tables on itself from time to time, featuring a most “underreported” story of the day or a most “overexposed” person of the week. 

“This is a truly ground breaking show and yet so simple in its concept,” said Rick Kaplan, president of MSNBC.  “‘The Most’ will be a multi-media pursuit of information that is relevant to people’s lives and it is the perfect afternoon program for our news-hungry viewers.”

“The Most” recognizes that today’s news consumer is busy and also very savvy. Says Stewart, “‘The Most’ is about responding to our viewer and it’s about the information-seeker in all of us.  People are telling us what they want to learn about, we just have to listen.”

“The Most” will telecast Monday through Friday from 3-4 p.m. (ET).  Sharon Newman is executive producer.  Susan Sullivan is vice president, daytime programming.

"The Most" hosted by Alison Stewart is a news show about the news people want most.

Every day, "The Most" reports and analyzes the most searched stories on the Internet, the most viewed stories on, the most e-mailed stories from the Washington Post and Newsweek, the most e-mailed images, the most downloaded songs, the most blogged subject matter, the most viewed TV programs each night, etc.

"The Most" recognizes what people think are the top stories of the day, gives them the most information on the story and the most depth and analysis of the stories.