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Calif. housing market bit by the acting bug

/ Source: CNBC

It’s a sunny southern California day, perfect for looking at new houses. But, imagine walking into a model home at a new development, only to find a family living inside. This family isn’t real – they’re actors. It’s giving new meaning to the phrase "model home."

In a slowing housing market, homebuilder Centex has gone Hollywood. Your typical new home development hands out balloons and brochures, but at Centex’s milestone development in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita, they have established “home life” — an open house with a family included.

“It was just an idea that came about from us just really trying to make our homes more interactive and try and leave a lasting impression on people,” said Amanda Larson, of Centex Homes Marketing.

The actors improvise a script based on Mom celebrating her birthday, interacting with customers by giving them snacks and answering questions about the house. This is the second time Centex has tried the idea and the actors say people have had all types of reactions.

Dad may look familiar. Jason Simmons played Logan Fowler on "Baywatch" and this being L.A., he is recognized. Mom Gena Poniatowski is an up-and-coming actress, and kids Danny Devan and Colin Robert are siblings in real life.

But is the act selling homes? There is a waiting list now at the Milestone development, so Centex plans to expand the model family to other local projects. 

At this performance, there’s always a full house.