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Inside Dateline: Britney blog buzz

Dateline’s Britney Spears interview generated a lot of buzz on the blogosphere. Here are some quotes from viewers/bloggers.

June 16, 2006 |   

Britney blog buzz

Dateline’s Britney Spears interview generated a lot of buzz on the blogosphere. . Below are some quotes from viewers/bloggers:

“Britney Spears did a great job defending herself on Dateline NBC against her shabby treatment by US Weekly and the supermarket tabloids.” —

“Air quotes of truth: While she attempted to make the case that she wants to be left alone, she did so in a manner that generated so much hype that it seems clear that her interview had the opposite effect of what she was going for—she gave a nationwide television interview in prime time.” —

“Overall, I feel sorry for her. I definitely think the paparazzi go too far invading her privacy.” —

“However, nobody has the right to be unkind and say some of the terrible things about her that they do. I feel that people who do that, are unkind, unloving, and unintelligent and unChristlike.” —

“I thought she was kind of elusive on some questions - it seemed interviewer Matt Lauer had to keep rephrasing the questions and was really digging for her answers!” —

“Britney’s new favorite celeb to name drop is Goldie Hawn. We bet Goldie is super flattered.”—

“Here she had a whole hour of prime-time television and she only made herself look worse.” —

“It was quite entertaining to watch - please kick me if I ever chew gum…” —

“I do feel sorry for her, I do. Well, not really. I really assumed money could buy you access to people that know a lot better than you. No publicist rang her line and said, 'Um, this outfit isn’t going to work.'” —

“I feel bad for the girl. She didn’t asked to be stalked and run down in the road by blood thirsty paparazzi.” —

“I’m glad that Dateline called her on everything - from clarifying that Julia Roberts’ husband did NOT have children with his former wife to questioning why Britney would produce her own reality show when she is begging for privacy...” —

“I almost feel bad for her.  She wants to live a normal life as much as possible.  But that’s not possible.” —

“And as far as the actual interview, goes I think she should quit whining. And her excuses for being a bad mom are lame.” —

“Her body language was all over the place. She never looked at Mark Lauer whenever he asked about her husband. She would adjust the way she was sitting, she would fidget, it was not believable at all.” —

—Links compiled by Chris Tellet