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AltiPower Advanced Altitude Training Kit

AltiPower Advanced Altitude Training Kit

Though the AltiPower Advanced looks at first glance to be a device to help an ailing person breathe, the opposite is true: Breathing in the device’s lower levels of oxygen simulates the same thin air found at higher altitudes, thereby increasing lung strength, endurance, and recovery.

At the same time there’s none of the poor sleep troubles associated with spending a full night in customary simulated or actual high altitude locale.

Unlike typical altitude training setups — which are often tent-like spaces costing upwards of $10,000 to achieve the same upwardly mobile benefits — the AlitPower Advanced can be used anywhere.

A typical session last an hour, and involves alternately breathing the hypoxic, then ambient, air at five minute intervals. Ten days of this and you’re breathing like a barrel-chested mountain man. Or woman.