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Plenty of bitterness surrounds Valentine’s Day

Many readers who read our story on anti-Valentine's Day cards said they disliked the pressure and commercialization associated with the holiday.
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We knew there were some people out there who'd had enough of Valentine's Day, but boy were we surprised how ready some of you are to break a chocolate heart, stomp on some long-stemmed roses and take a black marker to anything even hinting of pink or red.

On the other hand, some people who read our recent story on anti-Valentine's Day cards lamented the bitter turn Feb. 14 as taken and wondered why people can't just enjoy the holiday. Here are some exerpts from our message board:

Horrible day
Valentine's Day is a horrible day even if you do have a significant other.  If you're single, you feel alone.  If you are with someone, you have to find them a suitable (Valentine's Day) gift and have all kinds of pressure to make the day special. .. It's a terrible holiday that is simply around to bolster the floral and card industries and we all have emotional trauma for it. I'm boycotting.

Hate it
I hate Valentine's Day! Hate, hate, hate, hate. Christmas is bad enough for making a person alone feel lonelier, we have to have a holiday in the dead of winter to remind you once again how lonely you are. ... Man, I can't stand this attitute that if you haven't found that 'significant' other, your life hasn't started yet.
-Julie Moskal

Miserable singles
Valentine's Day is a fake, made-up holiday that does nothing but make singles feel miserable about their lack of a romatic attachment on this one day, and compells couples to spend ridiculous amounts of money to try to prove their love and devotion.

Don't care
I am in a wonderful relationship and partly due to both of us not caring about Valentine's Day. It is fun for kids at school, but when adults use it as an excuse to show affection only once a year, it is kind of sad. Oh yeah, and it is a stupid holiday.

'Hallmark Card Day'
I prefer to call Valentine's Day "Hallmark Card Day." That's basically all it is. It's a holiday designed to make single people feel pathetic. I've been in that situation before, and it's incredibly depressing. The over-exposure of Valentine's Day is similar to the over-exposure of Christmas, which in turn makes non-Christians feel left out.

Marketing opportunity
I don't see Valentine's Day as a "holiday." It's a commercialized marketing opportunity for the greeting card, flower, candy, restaurant and jewelry industries. It's a day for women to be selfish and demand certain treatment and gifts from men. If a man doesn't come through on this one day, he's seen as a failure and unromantic, regardless of the little things he does for his significant other day to day. This day feeds into the American woman's over-romanticized fantasy perception of what relationships truly are.

Raking it in
The funny thing about this story is that anti-Valentine's Day people are buying into the holiday now, too.  ... Hallmark doesn't care if you love or hate the day or what statement you are trying to make, they just care that you buy a card.

Treat yourself
If you're single this can still be a fun day for you to celebrate.  Why not treat yourself to a spa, chocolate delight or stuffed teddy bear? ... I'm only trying to point out that there is more to work with than the negative.

Opt out
If you don't like Valentine's Day, don't participate. Spend the money that you don't want to spend on others on yourself - candy, spa treatment, counseling/therapy, whatever. Why rain on my parade when others are anti-this and anti-that?