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Alameddine was 'an amazing kid'

His Facebook memorial says Ross was 'intelligent,' 'funny,' and 'easy going.'

Ross Abdallah Alameddine, 20, of Saugus, Mass was a sophomore English major who was gunned down in French class.

Alameddine's mother, Lynnette Alameddine, said Tuesday that she was "trying to get through the day here."

Alameddine was a graduate of Austin Preparatory School in Reading, Mass.

Friends created a memorial page on that described Alameddine as "an intelligent, funny, easy going guy."

"You're such an amazing kid, Ross," wrote Zach Allen, who also attended Austin Prep, according to his profile. "You always made me smile, and you always knew the right thing to do or say to cheer anyone up."

Lynnette Alameddine said she was outraged by how the events were handled. "It happened in the morning and I did not hear (about Ross's death) until a quarter to 11 at night," she said. "That was outrageous. Two kids died, and then they shoot a whole bunch of them, including my son."