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Woman accused of killing beaus claims insanity

/ Source: The Associated Press

A woman pleaded insanity Tuesday in the slayings of her live-in boyfriend whose burned remains were found on her horse farm two years ago and of a second man who disappeared earlier.

Sheila LaBarre is accused of first-degree murder in the death of Kenneth Countie, 24, in March 2006. She has also been charged with the death of Michael Deloge, another live-in boyfriend.

LaBarre pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to both charges, essentially admitting that the state could prove her guilty in both cases, but that she was not legally responsible because she was insane at the time.

A jury will decide whether LaBarre was insane and unable to control her actions.

If LaBarre is found to be sane, she would spend life in prison without parole. If she is found insane, there will be a further hearing to determine whether she is dangerous and needs to be held in a secure facility.

LaBarre has been held since April 2006 in Countie's death. Police reported finding three burn pits and had acknowledged they were investigating other possible victims.

Police long suspected LaBarre also killed Deloge, whom she met when he lived at a homeless shelter in Portsmouth.

The prosecution in documents suggested LaBarre had killed him, including blood spatters at her home that matched Deloge's mother's DNA. Prosecutors also had papers such as Deloge's birth certificate recovered from LaBarre's septic tank.