Astronaut to wear boxer shorts for science

Image: Doi gets dressed
Japanese astronaut Takao Doi has plenty of help as he puts on a training version of his shuttle spacesuit during a practice session at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Doi will be wearing high-tech boxer shorts, gym wear and socks during his space mission, scheduled next month.NASA
/ Source: The Associated Press

A Japanese astronaut will put on special boxer shorts and gym wear during his upcoming mission to see if the newly developed high-tech clothing can boost comfort levels on the International Space Station, Japan's space agency said Friday.

The seamless, stretchable boxer shorts, gym wear and socks are made of lightweight fabric woven by anti-bacterial and antistatic fibers to give "high levels of deodorant, antiseptic and antistatic effect" in space, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said.

Astronaut Takao Doi will try them on inside the Japanese space lab "Kibo," where he cannot take a bath or shower during the two-week mission.

The space lab wear was developed with help from companies including sportswear maker Goldwin Inc., chemical company Toray Industries Inc. and fabric manufacturer Kuraray Co., JAXA said.