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Clinton supporter challenges DNC over Mich.

/ Source: The Associated Press

A top supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton has filed a challenge with the Democratic National Committee to try to seat Michigan's pledged delegates — most of them likely to support the New York senator — at the national convention in Denver.

Under DNC member Joel Ferguson's proposal, Michigan would send its 28 unpledged superdelegates and 128 pledged delegates to Denver despite being stripped of delegates for holding its primary too early. Florida was similarly punished for its early primary.

Ferguson said it would be fair punishment to give each pledged delegate only half a vote for breaking DNC rules. He said superdelegates — of which he is one — should get a full vote.

Ferguson proposed to award the delegates based on the results of the Jan. 15 primary. Clinton won the primary, but her victory is called into question because rival Barack Obama's name was not on the ballot. Obama and other candidates had their names removed because of the violation of party rules over the primary's date.

Obama's campaign on Wednesday reiterated its view that Michigan and Florida delegates should be split evenly between the two candidates. Clinton won the Florida primary, and although Obama never campaigned there, his name was on the ballot.

Ferguson argued in his challenge that not seating the delegates is "weakening the Democratic Party in Michigan and harming its ability to cast its electoral votes for the Democratic nominee for president."

DNC spokesman Damien LaVera said Ferguson's challenge was being reviewed.