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Statement released from KFC

Read the statement KFC released regarding the calorie content of their kids' meals

KFC Public Relations released the following statement to NBC News on Monday, Aug. 4:

“KFC is proud to offer a variety of Kids Meals for those looking for lower calorie, lower fat options. The KFC information in the report is inaccurate, as KFC offers a number of Kids' Meal options well below 430 calories. The KFC meal configuration in the report is not an approved menu item, as it includes a biscuit which is not part of our Kids' Meals.”

Additional information:

* The standard KFC Kids' Meal includes a choice of a drumstick, kids' Popcorn Chicken or a Crispy Strip, one side item, 100 percent fruit juice or   a small soft drink and Teddy Grahams. As an option, some restaurants provide two Crispy Strips and/or two side items.

* Examples of KFC Kids' Meal options that are less than 430 calories:

- Drumstick, Corn on the Cob, Teddy Grahams, Small Diet Drink: 290 calories

- Drumstick, Green Beans, Teddy Grahams, 100 percent fruit juice: 390 calories

- Two Crispy Strips, Green Beans, Teddy Grahams, Small Diet Drink: 380 calories