2 Americans killed in Mexican prison riot

/ Source: The Associated Press

Two American inmates are among more than 20 some people killed in rioting at a Mexican border prison, the U.S. Embassy said Friday.

Embassy spokeswoman Janice Weiner said at least two other American inmates were injured in the violence at the La Mesa State Penitentiary in Tijuana, across from San Diego. She declined to give further details until family members have been notified.

Weiner added that consular officials are visiting the more than 200 Americans held at the lockup to make sure they are being cared for.

Prisoners at the crowded compound have rioted twice in the past week. They say they are not being given food and water, but officials blame troublemakers for the violence.

The prison's warden and two other top officials have been suspended pending an investigation of alleged abuse, including allegations that guards killed a 19-year-old inmate.

Those allegations sparked the first riot on Sunday, which killed four inmates. At least 17 more died in a second uprising on Wednesday, and human rights officials believe the death toll could rise.

Antonia Brenner, an American nun who works and lives in the prison, said a prison official told her a total of 25 people were killed in both riots.

But she said Friday that conditions at the prison had improved.

"It's calming down. The terror was on Wednesday," she said. "Things are pretty well cleaned up."