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Have you tried our “archives” yet? They are something else!

By simply going to the upper right-hand corner of our main menu page, you’ll find this magical access machine that puts you in contact with 27 previous issues of Budget Travel. And man, what remarkable information you’ll enjoy!
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Budget Travel has been published now for nearly five years. And the accumulated text of 27 issues is now at your fingertips, at a tiny, tiny price. Going on a trip? Insert the name of your destination, and you’ll immediately see every priceless article we’ve published on that location.

THE ARCHIVES of Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel are managed for us by a crack firm of former librarians, the same people who handle the archive function for Newsweek and The Washington Post. They’ve received from us the full text of every article we’ve ever published, and every month they receive another batch of the most current issue of Budget Travel.

Through a mysterious process known only to these archivists, the text of our articles is indexed and cross-indexed ad infinitum and thus made easily accessible to a logical search. Want to learn about the Little Wonder Restaurants of Paris? Simply insert the words “Little Wonder Restaurants of Paris”, and the text of our famous article on that subject will immediately appear in a precis. Then, simply authorize a debit to your credit card of a measly $2.95, and you’ll receive the entire text!

What to know which airfare discounters are best for flights to Prague, Czech Republic? Write “Airfare discounters to The Czech Republic” and up will come the three or four articles we’ve published that contain references (with addresses and phone numbers) to those companies. Want to know about cheap hotels in Chicago, Illinois? Write “cheap hotels in Chicago” or “inexpensive hotels in Chicago”, and again up will come the several articles in which we’ve discussed that subject.

If you haven’t yet used our archives, you’re missing out on a valuable service of Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Online. Try them today! You’ll love these scientific searches that put the stuff and substance of budget-priced travel at your fingertips!

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