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Dylan Ratigan

Veteran journalist and television host Dylan Ratigan anchors “The Dylan Ratigan Show,” weekdays, 4-5 p.m. ET on msnbc.
Image: Dylan Ratigan
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Dylan Ratigan is the host of msnbc's "The Dylan Ratigan Show," an opinion and analysis-fueled daily broadcast program airing weekdays at 4pm on MSNBC. Ratigan also writes regularly for the Huffington Post and produces one of America’s most insightful and provocative podcast’s "Radio Free Dylan" and His upcoming book to be published by Simon & Schuster later this year, is tentatively titled "Greedy Bastards."

Ratigan’s political commentary is a throw-back to ambitious reformers exemplified by Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900’s. Central to this mission is a fearless engagement of powerful private and public interests that seek to protect their power and profits by depriving America of its core values of fairness and equal opportunity

The country, now more than ever, needs passionate debate and smart policy, a brazen willingness to scrap what doesn't work, and the entrepreneurial spirit to try what does. It needs heroes to take on the establishment, and fight for the new American ideal. Ratigan is one of this movement's most powerful mouthpieces.

Previously, Ratigan worked and thrived on the front lines of global finance and trade for nearly 10 years at Bloomberg LP, where he established multiple beats, including their coverage of mergers and acquisitions. He launched and hosted their flagship morning tv broadcast and ultimately consolidated and oversaw Bloomberg News’ worldwide coverage of banking, investment, insurance and hedge funds as their founding Global Managing Editor for Corporate Finance.

In 2003, Ratigan joined CNBC where he created and hosted Fast Money in addition to co-anchoring CNBC's The Call and Closing Bell. From seven trips to the World Economic Forum, to 5 to Warren Buffett’s annual meeting, to thousand’s of interviews in dozens of countries, Dylan understands the structural economic unfairness rotting America's core and he's not afraid to call it for what it is.

Following the 2008 financial crisis, Ratigan resigned his position at CNBC and launched The Dylan Ratigan Show on msnbc.  Disgusted and disturbed by the rampant evidence of fraud, the theft and cover-up in American government, mega banks and mega-corporations, he is on a mission to create fairness for all Americans.  Using the mantra "Truth to Power", he focuses on showing the audience ideas that are working and making sure the government helps provide a level playing field as we need to make the American dream more reachable by more people.