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Carleton University’s response

February 19, 2010 –

Mr. MacDonald,Nadia Kajouji's parents say Carleton University did not tell them about their daughter's disappearance for 48 hours.Mr. Kajouji says when he asked why that was, someone representing Carleton told him "We got close to 4,000 people.  We can't baby-sit everybody."Nadia Kajouji's parents say that before their daughter's death, Carleton University never told them that:-- Nadia Kajouji was seeing a counselor and was being prescribed anti-depression medication-- was talking about suicide to her counselor-- Carleton security was called to Nadia Kajouji's dorm after her dorm mates reported that she was taking about killing herself.Nadia Kajouji's parents say Carleton University has still not told them why they were not informed of Nadia's suicidal state.Please let me know if Carleton University would like to comment.Sincerely,Meade Jorgensen Dateline NBC

February 24, 2010 –

Hello Mr. Jorgensen: I am writing in response to your questions of February 19, 2010.Ottawa Police Services and Ms. Kajouji's family were informed that Ms. Kajouji was missing less than 24 hours after she was reported missing to the Department of University Safety. With regard to the alleged comment made to Mr. Kajouji, the university has no record, nor any knowledge of anyone saying that to him.  However, if someone did make that comment to Mr. Kajouji,  the university apologizes for what we consider to be an inappropriate response under any circumstance to any parent speaking to the university with regard to their son or daughter.Your other questions touch on the nature and substance of discussions that would have taken place between a patient and her counselor and doctor. Patients using Carleton's Health and Counseling Services - regardless of the reasons for their visit - expect that their privacy and confidentiality will be respected. We will not discuss any matters related to Ms. Kajouji's treatment with Dateline NBC. Regards,Jason

Mr. MacDonald:Thanks for your timely response.Regarding your response about the University informing the family within 24 hours-- your response brings up a few more questions:What family member or members did the University inform within 24 hours of Ms. Kajouji's disappearance being reported, and when was that (date, time)?When were the Ottawa Police Services informed (date, time)?And when was Ms. Kajouji reported missing to the Department of University Safety (date, time)?Who made that report? (If not a name, then was it a student, faculty member?)Thanks. Sincerely, Meade JorgensenDateline NBC

February 26, 2010 –

Mr. Jorgensen,I am responding to your follow up questions of February 24, 2010.At approximately midnight on March 11 Carleton's Residence staff notified the department of University Safety that Ms. Kajouji may be missing.On March, 12 at approximately 13:30 University Safety attempted to reach Ms. Kajouji's family to inform them that she was missing. Unable to reach anyone, University Safety left a message asking the family to contact them.At approximately 15:00 on March 12 University Safety filed a missing persons report with the Ottawa Police Service.At approximately 16:30 on March 12 Ms. Kajouji's mother returned University Safety's call and was informed that the university had filed a missing persons report with the Ottawa Police.Regards,Jason