Quick-Med Technologies to Present NIMBUS(R) and Stay Fresh(TM) Antimicrobial Technologies at Leading Skin and Wound Care Clinical Symposium

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GAINESVILLE, Fla., Sept. 29, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quick-Med Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:QMDT), a life sciences company that is developing innovative technologies for the healthcare and consumer markets, announced today its NIMBUS® and Stay Fresh™ antimicrobial technologies will be highlighted at the 2010 Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin and Wound Care, to be held in Orlando, Florida from September 30 – October 3, 2010.

NIMBUS and Stay Fresh are part of Quick-Med's suite of technologies aimed at infection control and prevention. At the symposium, Quick-Med will present two abstracts on its recent studies of both technologies.

NIMBUS® Advanced Active, a new prototype wound dressing, will be featured in the first abstract entitled, "Improved Healing in Tissue Culture Model of Vesicant Injury Shown by High Feature Antimicrobial Dressing." Results of NIMBUS® Advanced Active demonstrated significant wound healing improvements in chemically injured human tissue.

Quick-Med's Stay Fresh textiles technology is the subject of the second abstract entitled, "Antifungal and Antibacterial Textiles to Interrupt Pathogen Transfer." Results support the efforts of Quick-Med Technologies to develop Stay Fresh textile treatments that provide durable and highly effective bacterial and fungal control, to help prevent Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).

"I am excited to present these abstracts on the unique technologies NIMBUS Advanced Active and Stay Fresh," said Dr. Bernd Liesenfeld, Senior Scientist of Quick-Med. "Derived from Quick-Med's FDA-approved NIMBUS technology, NIMBUS Advanced Active is shown to significantly enhance wound healing. It is the ultimate multi-functional dressing, with applicability for acute and chronic wounds."

About the Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin and Wound Care

The 25th Annual Clinical Symposium is a premier educational wound care program within this clinical field and is one of the largest annual gatherings of wound care clinicians in the United States. It has a long, rich history and boasts new content along with the best and brightest speakers from across the country and abroad. The planning panel has developed a unique program with content that is credible, balanced, and relevant to clinical practice.


Quick-Med's patented technology, NIMBUS, is a cutting-edge antimicrobial technology that has been custom designed for wound care and other medical applications. NIMBUS received de Novo FDA clearance in 2009 and has been commercialized in traditional wound care applications.  It is the only non-leaching antimicrobial dressing which, by design, poses no risk of bacteria developing resistance. NIMBUS technology is protected by ten U.S. patents and patents pending and 24 foreign counterparts. Additional applications under development include advanced wound dressings, medical adhesives, and catheters. NIMBUS Advanced Active is a prototype dressing that has not received FDA clearance.

About Stay Fresh

Stay Fresh™ is Quick-Med's newest patent-pending technology platform, offering textile companies a breakthrough in antimicrobial protection to enhance and differentiate their products. Today's leading freshness-enhancing textiles technologies unable to destroy certain bacteria and unable to maintain efficacy throughout the life of the product. Stay Fresh is designed to overcome these limitations by providing cost-effective, durable, and sustained antimicrobial protection. Stay Fresh provides durable, long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy against 99.999% of both Gram-positive and Gram negative bacteria. The safe, eco-friendly active ingredient in Stay Fresh is bonded to fibers or fabrics to retain its efficacy for as many as 75 laundering cycles, in hot or cold water. The Company notes that EPA has not yet evaluated or approved the efficacy or other data submitted to support its registration.

About Quick-Med Technologies, Inc.

Quick-Med Technologies, Inc. is a life sciences company that is developing innovative technologies for the consumer and healthcare markets. In addition to commercializing The Company is developing advanced antimicrobial technologies for infection prevention and control. Its NIMBUS® technology is the first FDA-cleared, non-leaching antimicrobial available in a wound dressing. Its NimbuDerm™ technology is being developed as a persistent hand sanitizer and its new Stay Fresh™ technology provides highly durable antimicrobial protection for apparel and other textile applications. For more information, see: www.quickmedtech.com.

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Note: Antimicrobial information is presented solely to assist in technology evaluation and is not intended to be a public health claim. Stay Fresh™ technology has not yet received EPA registration or FDA clearance

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