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Classics: American Iron

/ Source: Newsweek

Behold the Superbird. For a certain kind of car lover (most likely male, and a baby boomer) this exotic 1970 Plymouth is a creature of rare beauty. For others, it's one ugly duckling. But who cares what they think? They're going to be sucking our exhaust after we blow them off at the next light anyway, right? The muscle-car market is booming; last year a Superbird sold for more than $145,000. It could happen again this week at the 33d annual Barrett-Jackson classic-car auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., where 800 rolling beauties (GTOs, XKEs, Mustangs and more) go up for bid. It's the biggest event of its kind; sales topped $27 million last year. Gentlemen, start your checkbooks.