In Media Industry, HD Stock Shortages Are Real Concern

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

BURBANK, Calif., March 28, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The television production and filmmaking community is suspicious and anxious for some legitimacy amidst mixed reports of a pro tape stock shortage in the wake of Japan's disaster. Stock scarcity is evident and as a result price-gouging incidents have been reported; legitimate pro tape dealers have reacted and are offering cost-saving alternatives that are keeping TV productions on schedule.

Comtel Pro Media, a Sony Authorized Dealer in Burbank California, has responded to stock shortage worries by expanding their media certification operations. The re-using of tape or 'tape evaluation' as it is called in the industry is not a new process – Networks and TV production entities looking to 'green' their operations and cut costs have used this service successfully for many years. The probability of a quick operational recovery for Sony's Tagajyo plant is unlikely, leaving many production managers in a position to follow suit.

David Cohen, CEO of Comtel Pro Media states that "professional media tapes are tested to withstand more than just one use by the tape manufacturers, by evaluating and re-certifying the tape with this process, you are not taking the same chance as you would, by simply degaussing the tape." David Cohen purchased all of the new RTI TAPEChek Evaluators (equipment that evaluates the popular HDCAM SR format) available and said that he is "optimistic because of the positive response to the program." When asked about the difference between the older models of RTI equipment versus the new RTI his response was "LaserSCAN", a technological improvement that allows the equipment to identify excessive dropouts known as "hits" at the exact length of time in a tape. "These are significant and reassuring features to post production facilities, studios, and TV networks that deliver "True HD" programs and rely on this information to guarantee the content in their work."

New stock is said to be slowly trickling in, and while that may seem as a positive sign, it's not the answer that most consumers of this product want to hear. Skeptic clients are asked to accept the evident information provided by the top manufacturers of these products, and encouraged to create an immediate plan of action to prevent project setbacks. Archival of "master" recordings onto an LTO tape format is a practice commonly used in TV and Filmmaking production and is also a sensible way to free up tape that can be certified for re-use. When asked about price increases, Cohen replied, "It's difficult to inform clients of price increases, but through honest conversations our customers understood the message that our principal goal is to continue to secure products that will keep their productions going." He added "this is what we prepare for on a routine basis; things are never certain in Hollywood – we pride ourselves in being the go-to place for reliability and consistency, our customers appreciate that."

About Comtel Pro Media:

Comtel Pro Media, a subsidiary of Edgewise Media, has been the leading supplier of recordable media to the entertainment industry for more than 23 years. Founded in 1987, Comtel Pro Media is headquartered in Burbank, California and has offices in Orange, New York, and Salt Lake City. CEO David Cohen was recognized for having one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States according to Inc. Magazine in 2000, and was also named the United States Young Entrepreneur that same year.

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