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YesDTC Signs Exclusive DRTV Agreement With Alo Networks "The Mobile Hispanic Network"

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- YesDTC Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:YESD), a direct-to-consumer marketer and global distributor of consumer goods and products, today announced it has signed an exclusive Direct Response Television ("DRTV") contract with mobile membership and advertising channel, Alo Networks, Inc.

Having built one of the largest Hispanic databases in the United States, Alo Networks ("Alo") has developed a compelling suite of membership benefits for Hispanic consumers nationwide. Specifically, as part of its offering, Alo provides users with free mobile phones and minutes, low-cost international calling, payment services, news and entertainment. In exchange, subscribers pay a modest one-time fee and agree to receive targeted information and sponsored content on a daily basis in the form of SMS (text) messages, video clips and/or voice messages. For the company's advertising and market research partners, Alo offers access to a large, captive market of highly motivated Hispanic consumers. As part of this exclusive DRTV agreement, YesDTC will be responsible for running marketing campaigns on local and national Hispanic cable stations and managing the call centers, while Alo Networks will maintain charge of fulfillment, merchant card processing and ongoing customer services.

Joseph Noel, CEO of YesDTC, commented, "We are very excited about the potential market reach of Alo's mobile offerings. We believe the value proposition of offering free monthly services for a low, one time sign-up fee, including the phone, will prove a very attractive offer to a large number of subscribers. When Alo Networks ran a short initial campaign last fall, over 10,000 new members signed-up quickly; an extremely positive response."  He continued, "Here in the United States, the Hispanic population is a large and fast growing market. According to the recent 2010 U.S. census, Hispanics accounted for more than half of the U.S. population increase over the last decade, exceeding estimates in most states as they crossed a new census milestone of 50 million, representing one in every six Americans. We expect to have our campaign for Alo Networks up and running in the next few weeks."

Hugh Buitano, CEO of Alo Networks, commented, "I am very pleased that we have signed a marketing agreement with YesDTC. Their expertise and experience in the DRTV market should drive a large number of new subscribers to our membership offering. Based on the terrific results of the initial campaign late last year, our goal for the next couple of years is to add hundreds of thousands of new members. I believe our relationship with YesDTC should enable us to achieve this goal."

About Alo Networks, Inc.

Alo Networks, Inc. is "The Mobile Hispanic Network"®, bringing content and services to the U.S. Hispanic marketplace nationwide. Specifically, the company offers users monthly mobile phone service and other benefits over their lifetime for a moderate one-time payment. Additionally, as part of its agreement with selected advertisers, messages are sent to each mobile phone with targeted content. The Company uses a digital telephony infrastructure that has dramatically increased functionality and flexibility and includes next generation voice and data integration. Content produced by marketing sponsors is delivered via Olego's PushOneTM platform, the same engine that has delivered hundreds of millions of marketing messages over the past 5 years. Services and support for AloMipaisTM members and OlegoTM content and advertising clients are enabled by an agile, efficient network infrastructure of communications and back office operations in the United States and Latin America. Alo Network's team of officers and directors bring more than 100 years of combined business and technology management experience to the Company including expertise in engineering, product and business development, sales and services.

About YesDTC Holdings, Inc.

YesDTC Holdings, Inc. is a direct-to-consumer marketing company specializing in direct response television (DRTV), internet and retail marketing programs. The Company brings a unique set of skills to this market space. YesDTC combines both the creative talents and financial acumen needed to create a total package for direct-to-consumer marketing programs. Importantly, the Company also maintains a strategic partnership with Schulberg Media Works (SMW), a pioneering media production firm in the direct-to-consumer space with a highly acclaimed list of successful client campaigns and product infomercials. SMW's track record is impressive, with nearly $1.0 billion in revenues generated and a high profile list of industry awards and recognitions. Specifically, SMW campaigns include Tempur-Pedic, Guthy-Renker, Sony, 24-Hour Fitness, Rhino Records, HarperCollins and PureSleep, among many others. More information on YesDTC Holdings can be found at and additional information on Schulberg Media Works can be found at

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