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American Airlines criticized over beauty contest

American Airlines offers a beauty contest among its flight attendants to promote new uniforms. But the union blasts the idea, saying it harkens back to a more sexist age.
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A flight attendants' union is criticizing American Airlines for holding a beauty contest to find the most attractive crew members, while the carrier maintains the campaign celebrates flight attendants.

The aim of the competition was to help American find the best-looking flight attendants — male and female — to appear as models in an upcoming photo shoot, London's MailOnline reports.

In the "Face of Your Base" contest, flight attendants were asked to vote on who looked best in the airline's new scarves, ties and striped shirts.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants blasted the idea. “This campaign just transported us back 50 years to the days of girdles, weight-checks and single, female-only stewardesses having to quit when they were married, pregnant, or reached the ripe old age of 30,” said the union in a statement.

In a statement, American said the campaign was "created by our Customer Experience team in Chicago, comprised of both flight attendants and field managers."

"This campaign is about celebrating the hard work and diversity of our flight attendants, while giving them the opportunity to spotlight their peers who live the American brand," the carrier said.