Woman accused of being 'Nun on the Run' robber

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/ Source: msnbc.com

A woman has been charged with holding up an Illinois bank dressed as a nun and wearing a mask apparently inspired by the film "The Town," according to a report.

Authorities claim Navahcia Edwards, 23, and an unknown accomplice got away with $120,000 in cash when they held up a TCF Bank in Palos Heights, near Chicago, at gunpoint in May, Chicago Tribune said.

Edwards, a former teller, also faces bank embezzlement charges. She is accused of taking $20,000 from a Chase Bank branch where she worked in April.

The Tribune said she took the money by replacing some $100 bills in bundles with singles. The paper said she had promised to repay that money.

Investigators allege Edwards bought two "Adult Funny Nun Costumes" and two "Nun on the Run" masks with a prepaid debit card, the paper said.

'My life is ruined'
The card came from a currency exchange with a surveillance camera that allegedly captured the purchase, the Tribune reported.

White zip ties that resemble ones used in the TCF robbery, were also bought with the same debit card.

The authorities say receipts for the nun costumes were found and the getaway car used in the robbery looked like one that Edwards had rented.

"It's great physical and incidental evidence, but it took a great deal of effort to put all those pieces together," Chicago FBI spokesperson Ross Rice told the Tribune.

The paper said Edwards' boyfriend was seen checking out the bank a few hours before the robbery, according to the authorities, and had even been caught raising his leg up to the height of the counter, as if to see if it was possible to climb over.

Under FBI questioning, the Tribune reported, the boyfriend alleged burst into tears and said "My life is ruined."

"The Town" tells the story of bank robbers in Boston, who use various disguises, including nun costumes.