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Dwyane Wade Takes Hackers To Court

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Basketball superstar Dwyane Wade is headed to the court — but not the kind he's used to.

On Monday (July 18), the seven-time NBA all-star and Miami Heat powerhouse filed a complaint with a U.S. District Court in Texas alleging that, between 2007 and last month, he had been the victim of several hacks on his personal online accounts, Computerworld reported.

In his civil lawsuit, Wade says hackers broke into his Yahoo email and Twitter accounts, stole passwords, changed account settings and impersonated him to threaten and insult others.

Although Wade lives near Miami, he filed the suit in Texas against 50 "John Doe" defendants because "a substantial amount of the hacking activity allegedly originated in the state," Computerworld said.

Wade is seeking an injunction forbidding the online attackers from accessing his accounts and misusing his personal data. He's also seeking to recover unspecified damages from the years of hacking.