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Fake Flash Player Scam Targets Mac Users

Online scammers are once again putting Mac users in their crosshairs.
/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Online scammers are once again putting Mac users in their crosshairs.

Researchers at the security vendor F-Secure have found a scam that is currently luring Mac users into downloading a fake Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe Flash is such a commonly used program that it's possible everyday computer users would think nothing of installing the software if they were presented with the option.

But this is no ordinary Flash. The rogue installer contains a hidden Trojan, called BASH/QHost.WB, which redirects Mac users to a Web page that looks strikingly similar to Google's official search page.

When a search request is entered into the fake Google page, results appear that, again, look legitimate, but contain a slew of pop-ups.

F-Secure traced the IP address of the fake Flash installer to a server in the Netherlands.

If you come across an unsolicited offer to install Flash Player, disregard it. And never download any email attachments, especially suspicious-looking ones, that you're not expecting. Corrupt attachments are extremely popular and covert vectors of attack for online criminals.

Lastly, just because you own a Mac does not mean you are impervious to online attacks. SecurityNewsDaily compiled a list of the 10 Best Anti-Virus Programs for Macs here.