Lady Gaga Dead, Says Facebook Scam

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

A "clickjacking" scam is spreading rapidly through Facebook, luring users with the tragic news that Lady Gaga has been found dead in a hotel room.

"This is the most awful day in the US history," reads the explanation, and there's even an image of what looks like a BBC News video.

The woman born Stefani Germanotta is still alive, of course, but it's another example of the lengths to which Facebook scammers will go to get unsophisticated readers to take their bait.

If you click on the link, reports Graham Cluley on Sophos' Naked Security blog, you're taken to a fake BBC News website, with a black video screen.

Try to play the video, and you'll actually be sending "Like" messages to all your Facebook friends about the scam. Odds are a few of them will fall for it, exponentially multiplying the number of victims of this scam.

Cluley doesn't explain what the scam ultimately leads to, but most Facebook scams end in marketing surveys that earn money for the scammers every time someone answers the survey.

Lady Gaga is a favorite of scammers and hackers. In the past couple of years, she's been the subject of a Twitter scam, had her website hacked and even had her own email account hijacked.