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Not-So-Sweet Hack Hits Hershey's Website

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Sweet-toothed scammers have taken a bite out of confectionary company Hershey's.

Hershey's notified its customers last week that online attackers penetrated a server belonging to the chocolate giant which stored "consumer registration information, including email addresses, birthdates and street addresses as well as passwords used to enter some of our sites," reported.

"No financial information was stored on the same server as our recipes, and Hershey's online stores operate on a different system," the Hershey's email said.

While inside Hersey's chocolate-coated vault, the hackers did some extra sneaky snacking, altering one of the baking recipes posted on Hershey's recipe Web page. (The tampered recipe has since been fixed.)

In the email, Hershey's urges customers with online accounts to change their passwords and to be "especially aware of email scams that ask for personal or sensitive information."