'Revenge Porn' Site Battles Facebook

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

On Tuesday (Dec. 6), a lawyer representing Facebook sent a cease and desist letter to Hunter Moore, the 25-year-old founder of Is Anyone Up, a "revenge porn" site featuring lewd Facebook pictures posted without their owners' knowledge.

Moore shot back as one might expect.

"I replied with a picture of my [genitalia]," Moore told Gawker. "I'm not a virgin to cease and desists — I get about a million a day."

The cease and desist order, from Joseph Cutler of the Seattle-based firm Perkins Coie, accuses Is Anyone Up of violating Facebook's terms of service by publishing users' photos without their consent, and also contends that the site uses Facebook's platform integrations "to intimidate and harass Facebook users."

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"Your actions are illegal and must be stopped immediately," the letter reads. "Facebook demands that you immediately remove, delete and destroy any and all screenshots taken from www.Facebook.com and that you disable and remove any and all social plugins or other Facebook integrations from your site(s)."

The letter adds that Is Anyone Up undermines the privacy and protection of Facebook's users, which "will not be tolerated."

Facebook has disabled Moore's personal account, but, as Moore told Gawker, he doesn't plan on heeding the social networking giant's demands.

"I think [Facebook] is under pressure from users to do something about me," he said, adding an expletive. "I'm never going to stop."