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Do penis enlargement pills work?

Pills are a scam, but there is one trick you may not have tried.

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Do penis enlargement pills work?

Question: I am constantly bombarded by penis enlargement pill commercials and spam email. Do they really work? And if they do, which is the best one? If the pills don't work, then what is the best way to enlarge the penis?

Answer: They do not work. And few customer complaints ever occur because no one wants to be the plaintiff in a case against the companies that offer these bogus products.

The safest way to enlarge a penis is to take a hot shower. The heat will have the effect of making your penis as full as it can be without being erect. The effect is temporary, but it can make for a fun way to begin a sexual encounter.

Please don't take the heat thing ANY further than a hot shower. It's simply a matter of temporary body temperature.

Louanne Cole Weston, Ph.D., is a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor and a board-certified sex therapist in practice since 1983. Her work in the field of human sexuality includes extensive experience as a therapist, educator, and researcher.