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Things you always wanted, but didn't need to know, about Hardball

Number of "Hardball's" Chris Matthews has done: 1,565

Number of times of Bo Dietel has been on "Hardball": 17

Number of time Bo Derek has been on "Hardball": 2

Number of times on "Hardball" that Chris has mistaken Bo Dietl for Bo Derek: One

Number of times Chris has mistaken Tucker Eskew for Tucker Carlson: One

Memorable Hardball moments
Total number of "Hardball" College Tours: 35

First "Hardball" College Tour guest: Jesse Ventura (Nov. 1999 from Harvard)

Real-estate tycoon who announced on "Hardball" in  November 1999 he was running for president: Donald Trump

Number of guests kicked off the "Hardball" set: One (Dick Morris)

Number of guests who've left the "Hardball" set: One (Dominic Dunne, after he found out that Michael Barnicle was guest hosting)

What pop singer Jewel called a "high stakes issue for me" on the Aug. 21, 2000 "Hardball": The Supreme Court

Witness whose "Hardball" appearance was cited during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the impeachment of President Clinton (Dec. 1, 1998): Alan Dershowitz

Number of times Chris Matthews has made reference to "The Godfather" movies over the seven years of "Hardball": 36

The movie Joe Lieberman told Chris Matthews is his favorite: "The Godfather."

About Chris
Number of Chris Matthews brothers:  Four

Number of Chirs Matthews sisters: Zero

What Holy Cross and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have in common:  Chris Matthews attended both.

The country in southern Africa which would host Peace Corps volunteer Chris Matthews: Swaziland

Chris Matthews' first job on Capitol Hill: Capitol police officer

Type of weapon Chris Matthews carried: .38 caliber gun

Year Chris Matthews ran for Congress in Philadelphia: 1974

Number of books by Chris Matthews: Four

Number of years Chris Matthews wrote a column for the San Francisco Chronicle: 13

Let me finish!
Number of "Hardball" shows in which someone said "let me finish": 132 and counting

Most number of "Let me finish" said consecutively: 3  (Frank Luntz, May 23, 2003: "Let me finish. Let me just finish. Let me just finish.")

Number of times Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) asked permission to finish a thought or sentence during his Feb. 6, 2003 Hardball college tour: 4

Most number of time a guest said "let me finish" in one show: 5 (Pat Caddell, July 31, 2001)
How Robert Reich put it on the Feb. 8, 1999 Hardball: "Let me finish this-I had a perfect sentence that I wanted to finish."

The part of Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas's body shown during a packaged piece about his cancer operation during the Oct. 9, 2002 "Hardball" College Tour: larynx

Number of weeks Chris was out with malaria in the summer of 2002:  Three

What President Bush and Hillary Clinton have in common: They offered well-wishes to Chris Matthews when he had malaria.

Jay Leno's malaria joke: "He was out for a month with malaria. Hard to believe, malaria.  Do you ever see Chris? Rabies maybe, but malaria."

Comedian Chris
Year Chris Matthews won the Funniest Celebrity in Washington contest: 1997

Contestants Chris Matthews beat that year: Tim Russert, Tony Snow, Laura Ingraham, Arianna Huffington, and Dennis Kucinich with Dennis Kucinich's ventriloquist dummy friend, "W.C."

Sample joke from Chris Matthews' winning routine: "Al Gore had a tough upbringing-he grew up at the Ritz-Carlton at 21st and Massachusetts Avenue, went to the Foreign Language School at St. Albans at Massachusetts and Wisconsin avenues, where he learned to speak with a Southern accent. He then worked his way up the street to the Vice President's house at 34th and Massachusetts. Not only has this guy never left the Beltway, he never left Massachusetts Avenue."

Number of "Hardballs" in which  Chris Matthews joked that Al Gore looked like a waiter because of his three button suit: 4

Celebrity Chris
Amount Chris Matthews won for charity on "Celebrity Jeopardy" (April 2003): $50,000

President who jokingly proposed a "pundits bill of rights" with "the right to shout down Chris Matthews": Bill Clinton at the 1999 Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner

Place where Chris Matthews and Bill Clinton had a reconciliation: Dublin (June 2002)

Date Playboy interviewed Chris Matthews: July 2001

Number of times Chris Matthews has appeared on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno": Five

Number of times Chris Matthews has appeared on "The Late Show With David Letterman": Two

Number of times Chris Matthews appeared on HBO's "Dennis Miller Live": Two

Number of times Darrell Hammond has done an impression of Chris Matthews on "Saturday Night Live": 12

Date of Darrell Hammond's first Chris Matthews impression: Nov. 18, 2000

Number of Times Chris Matthews has been mention on "The West Wing": Twice

Name of movie Chris Matthews appeared in: "Dave"