Hackers take advantage of Internet Explorer bug

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

If you browse the Web with Internet Explorer and you haven't updated your software recently, you could be in trouble.

On June 12, as part of its monthly security roundup, Microsoft shipped a patch for the IE bug, which granted attackers the ability to leverage the flaw, with the help of rigged Web pages, to take control of infected computers.

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As the security firm Sophos points out, the patch wasn't the end of the problem. Attackers are currently exploiting the critical IE glitch to take control of the computers of users who ignored the June 12 alert and have yet to update their Microsoft programs.

The solution to staying safe is the same as it was the day Microsoft issued the fix to the flaw: Update your software the second the patches become available. There's a reason software companies fix their products, and neglecting to take advantage of the new software is like driving your car after the manufacturer has recalled the brakes: It'll still drive, but is it worth the risk?