How to Take Sequential Action Shots on Your iPhone

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

On photo site Flickr today (August 14), a user group called Sequence Photography posted some impressive shots showing the stages as people or objects move across a photo.   Sequence photography is usually done by shooting a series of images where the subject — say, a diver —  is captured in successive stages of motion. Photographers then use a program such as Photoshop to position each image of the subject in a single frame.   With sequence photography, you don't need a video to show action. And now you don't even need a fancy  DSLR camera  and Photoshop to create these images.   While our search turned up no results for Android apps in Google Play, we did find ActionShot for iPhone in the App Store. And it's dead-simple to use.   The app works best outdoors or in bright light and when the background is free of moving images like leaves or traffic.   You can set ActionShot to take from 2 to 10 shots at varying speeds. Press the camera button and your sequential shots will be taken automatically. The key to  blur-free photos  is using a tripod or just a stationary object to rest your phone on. Once your sequence is complete, you can choose to edit now or save a draft to edit later.   To edit, the app will present each photo in your sequence. Use your finger to "color in" the moving subject and then tap the crayon to keep it or the eraser to remove it. You want to have enough space between the images, so they don't overlap in your finished photo, which is why you may want to erase your subject in alternating photos. Tap "Done," and ActionShot generates the finished sequential image.   Like Instagram and GIFBoom (an app for making  animated GIFs ), ActionShot, is a social app. You can view other people's photos in your newsfeed in the ActionShot app and share to the ActionShot network, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.