Excellent Idea of the Day: Tornado Toilets

/ Source: Discovery Channel

Dual-flush toilets offer a more environmentally friendly bathroom option, but there’s often a downside.

With less water swooshing through the bowl, streaks of solids can stick. That leaves users with an unpleasant choice: Own a water-saving toilet that’s frequently dirty, or scrub the toilet after heavy use, often on a daily basis -- a problem sometimes referred to as “flush ‘n brush.”

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Now, toilet-maker TOTO offers a solution with a technology called the Double Cyclone flushing system. TOTO says its engineers were inspired by tornadoes to create a system that “uses gravity and water to spin away waste,” a case of biomimicry for the powder room.

The new line of toilet’s seamless, concave bowl is also coated with a nano-technology glaze that creates a slippery barrier and allows the rinsing of bacteria and waste with less water, according to a company press release.

TOTO claims the new toilets reduce the need for harsh detergents along with its water savings, a win-win if it really works like a tornado in a porcelain bowl.