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Anonymous Outs Suicide Victim's Alleged Tormentor

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

The political hacking collective Anonymous has outed the man they say incessantly harassed Amanda Todd, 15, a Canadian girl who committed suicide last Wednesday (Oct. 10) after posting a series of YouTube videos that detailed her abuse and depression.

"This is the pedophile that social engineered Amanda Todd into supplying him nude pictures," Anonymous said in a Pastebin post before identifying a 30-year-old man living in New Westminster, B.C.

The group usually known for hacking high-profile websites published an online username associated with the man and his street, but no house number.

In Todd's video, on handwritten note cards, she detailed the story of a man she said threatened to send photos of her breasts to friends and relatives unless she put on a sexual show for him. She apparently refused and he later made good on that promise, police told her.

VICE reports that it received a leaked image it described as “a mosaic of Google Maps screenshots from British Columbia, the personal information of Amanda's alleged harasser, and screenshots of accounts on jailbait websites that seem to link” the man to Todd. Based on the screenshots, it appears the man liked to frequent various videochat sites to engage with young girls.

Anonymous' post also includes a link to a YouTube video, that appears to be a compilation of webcam horrors where a  different woman, purportedly talking about the same man (a graphic of his username appears with her), seems to be in a similar situation.

"Just for that I am going to send her a message with a pic of you and let her know that you record girls," she says, apparently addressing the man It’s unclear who “her” is. "I found out, like, a month ago that he recorded me for the first time, but now I know that everybody that was telling me that he was a sick pedo that records girls were right. If he threatens me I can just threaten him right back," she finishes, choking back tears.

Since Anonymous' post, Todd's alleged tormentor has been threatened himself, CBCNews reported. “Let’s make this life pedo’s life a living hell,” reads one comment on the YouTube video, summing up the sentiment of many.

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