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A quick look at the Democratic Convention

Here are some answers to common questions about the Democratic Party's 2004 National Convention, which will be held in July in Boston.
Construction Surrounds DNC Site In Boston
Contstruction on Boston's Interstate 93 surrounds the Fleet Center, site of this summer's Democratic National Convention.William B. Plowman / Getty Images file
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Here are some answers to common questions about the Democratic Party's 2004 National Convention.

When is it? July 26-29, 2004.

Where?  FleetCenter, Boston, Mass.

Who will be there?  Some 4,319 delegates and 610 alternate delegates, thousands of journalists, numerous protesters, police and security officers.

Why was Boston selected? Democratic leaders say they chose the city for its "rich history and strong Democratic roots."

Has the Democratic Convention been held here before? No. In fact, neither party has held its convention here previously.

Who pays for it? The Democratic Party (and the GOP) receives $15 million in taxpayer funds from the Federal Election Commission to pay convention costs. Remaining costs are picked up by the city.

Who's in charge of the convention? Rod O'Connor, the chief executive officer, directs day-to-day planning.

What's on the program? Highlights will be the nomination of Sen. John Kerry and his running mate, Sen. John Edwards. Other speakers will be Sens. Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy; former Presidents Clinton and Carter; the nominees' wives, Teresa Heinz Kerry and Elizbathe Edwards. Click here for a complete schedule.

What impact will the convention have on Boston? Democrats project a $150 million positive economic impact on Boston and the surrounding area during the convention.

What about security? The Department of Homeland Security has declared the convention —along with the Republican Convention — a National Security Special Events. Many federal, state and local agencies will work together to provide security.

Where can I get more information? Try the following Web sites for information on specific topics.