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'Dumb Ways to Die' Safety Video Goes Viral

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

A Melbourne Metro public safety announcement has taken the Internet by storm. "Dumb Ways to Die" snagged the top spot on Visible Measure's Viral Video Chart, a measurement of online video views, with 18 million views, twice the number of the second place video, "LeBron's Day" from Samsung.

"Dumb" is an understatement. Paired with a catchy jingle, animated characters die in the video in various ways, including taking their helmets off in outer space, poking grizzly bears and getting asphyxiated in a dryer. The campaign got its own website,  Tumblr  blog with animated gifs and a YouTube channel, along with radio and TV spots — all this to remind Melbourne drivers to stay off the Metro tracks. 

Who says safety can't be funny? Watch the video:

Other popular videos included Rovio's "Angry Birds Star Wars," Nintendo's " Wii U  " and a second video by Samsung, "Overly Attached Computer."