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Your letters of sympathy

MSNBC viewers and readers shared their tributes to Ronald Reagan, and their messages to his family. Below is a sampling of what was sent. We will make sure these are delivered to the Reagan family.

An inspiration for a country in need
"I vividly remember the mood of the country, coming out of the late 70’s. It was a palpable air of discouragement and doubt. But if it was ever possible for one man to affect the attitudes of so many, almost single handedly it was accomplished by President Reagan. I know he changed my viewpoint and inspired me so many times. He stands out as a giant of our times, not just as a political leader but as a human being." —Jeff Secaur, Warsaw

"President Reagan was, and still is my inspiration. He  made me feel that being American was the greatest, most special honor of which I could have been blessed by his superior mastery of communication. No one will ever be able to match his quick wit and genuine embodiment of patriotism." —Deena Crimaldi, Washington Township, NJReagan made America a better place

Reagan made America a better place
"America would look a lot different if not for Reagan.  His legacy of fighting secularists here at home, Communist totalitarianism abroad, restoring America’s faith in herself leaves us much to give thanks for.  There’ll never be another Gipper sadly, but may he live on in our hearts forever.  Remember the Gipper..." —Nick L., Chicago

“I thank god for President Ronald Reagan, ‘The Great Communicator,’ who, without firing a shot, saved the World from a terrible catastrophe. We have lost a man, the likes of which, will never be seen again.”  —James W. Festa, Southampton, PA

“Ronald Reagan restored The American Dream; he restored Patriotism; he restored hope---in an age smothered with cynicism. He made Americans believe again the fundamental tenet of Democracy; that we can pursue our dreams. And live to our full potential that ultimately benefits all of us.   Ronald Reagan restored our faith in America. We could again be proud of ourselves and our country.  But I know he is still watching us; still caring; still hoping that we become our best, and still instilling and inspiring in us, the commitment to preserving the fact---‘That America is the last best hope for mankind.’” —Keith T. Leonard, York

“As great a president as we have had - a leader, a visionary, a ‘difference maker.’ Ending the cold war was historically, possibly as important an achievement as one person has ever accomplished and the world will always be grateful and indebted to President Reagan for this accomplishment.” —Jim Chevigny, Seattle

“I send my deep condolences and my sympathy to Mrs. Nancy Reagan and all the family and relatives of our beloved President. My thanks and prayers are with the family, and for the greatest President I had the honor to live with. He and his strong believe in his fellow Americans helped all of us to live in a better and safer world today. The Lord will receive him with a smile on his face and a pat on his shoulders, telling him, your duty is completed and very well done. God bless his soul and all of America.” —Scott Jones, YN1(SS), USN

A leader and hero to our soldiers
"As a former soldier who served this nation during Mr. Reagan’s presidency, I can only say that his vision, leadership and integrity, made me and many others realize the purpose of our mission, our role in history and our responsibility to our nation.  I owe my core beliefs as to what it means to be an American and a conservative to Ronald Reagan; he made a believer out of a 17 year old boy."  —Steven K, Fayetteville

“I can truly say as a military member serving under President Reagan, our military was so proud and honored to serve such a great leader.  Personally, his faith impressed me greatly.  I distinctly remember the day President Reagan was shot. I sat in my barracks and was quickly and immediately stunned but with God’s grace and prayer our President was to stand tall and continue his heroic duties as a President, husband, and father.  I did and still do admire President Reagan very much.  God bless you, and the many family members.” —John McClusky, Ft. Walton Beach Florida

“President Reagan is a hero to me, and today, I mourn with you. I wish I could be half the man that the President was.  The way that he stood up to what he believed was the right thing, and was one to never shy away from responsibility is a great credit to his personality.  My condolences go out to you in your time of despair. My thoughts and prayers are with you.” —David M. Allen, TSgt, USAF, San Antonio, Texas

“To the Reagan Family, My sincerest condolences on yours and our loss. President Reagan was such and influence on our life.  When he was elected I was in 8th grade and when he left office I had already served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps.  His presidency stretched though the most important years of my life and his great influence will span many more generations not only of Americans but people all over the world. It was the inspiration that he gave that influenced me to serve my country and to continue to serve it to this day.” —William Becker, Camp Bond steel

A great leader
"In a time when a great leader was needed, a great leader was ‘born’.  We have never been so impressed by one mans selfless contribution to his nation, his faith in God and his dedication to his wife and family.  We hope that you will find strength in his legacy, comfort in his memories and strength in God’s love.  God bless you all." —Deby & Doug Powell, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

"President Reagan was a gentleman, a statesman and a humble leader. Not since the Reagan presidency has there been someone so humble and warm in the White House.  I look to his presidency as one in which there was no self-aggrandizement but rather a concern for the task at hand and an ability to lead without arrogance. You must be so proud." —Brenda Kinnear, Ottawa, Canada

“He was my generation’s greatest leader and one of the greatest leaders of the second half of the Twentieth Century.  He eliminated communism in Eastern Europe, liberating millions of people.  He established a solid economic foundation that this country is still reaping the blessings of today.  And he left us with a smile and wave that I will never ever forget.”  —Karen Pacifico, Tampa

A devoted husband
"He was a man of truth, One of many things I remember about him is how proud he was showing his love and commintment to his beloved wife; which set an example to the american families about family values. We will miss him. May God bless you." —Ely Melendez, Columbus, Ga

“I always believed that President Reagan was one of the few presidents who truly cared about Americans and that he always had our best interests in mind when he made all of his political decisions.  Mrs. Reagan, your marriage was a beautiful example to everyone.  You and President Reagan set the example of what a marriage is supposed to be to everyone around the world.  You guys gave the office a measure of class that will never be surpassed.  God bless your family.” —Nathan N. Hollingsworth, Winterville, NC

A man of integrity
"I have always had the utmost respect and admiration for former President Reagan. He was truly one of the good guys; a man of integrity. He was someone very rare and precious in this day and age. Reagan was a man who cared about doing the right thing rather than the popular thing." —Patricia A. Kenyon-Dore, Redding, CA

“Thank you for sharing Ronald with us. He was an awesome man and president, who made an incredible impact on our nation and world.  He was a man of integrity.  I pray that God will bring you and your family His comfort and peace during this difficult time.  May God bless you.” —Beth Beitzel, Grantsville

“The world and my life are beneficiaries of the life of a grand man - Ronald Reagan. What a better place he blessed by his endurance, convictions, positivism, and belief in the Americans he so richly served. His influence is immeasurable: participant and not merely observer.” —E. Brice Kibler, Granville

A president for the people
“My heart goes out to all of you at this sad time.  Mr. Reagan was a President of the people and he will take his place in the history books as one of the greatest presidents that this country has seen.  Please know that he is in a better place and that you will all be together again. My thoughts and prayers are with you.” —Denise DeMello, Fall River, MA

“The ‘Gipper’ will be greatly missed. He was the first President I truly remembered as a child so he was very special and near to my heart.  I grew up to understand what an undertaking that position can be but he did it with grace and he did it with peace for our nation at heart, at all times. God bless this nation and God bless the Reagan family. President Reagan will be greatly missed but remembered in love.” —Deborah Patrick, Little Rock, AR

Reagan made us proud to be Americans
“I remember the first time I ever saw President Reagan on television.  I don’t remember the exact words.  I don’t remember anything about the policies and politics.  I remember the way he made me feel about being an American.  I remember the lagging confidence of our nation before his presidency, and I remember the infectious pride that swept the nation after he was elected.  I sat with my father watching this man on the television, and somehow I knew from that moment on that being an American was the greatest of gifts.” —Staff Sergeant Ronald M. Eckert, US Army, Fort Belvoir, VA

“The passing of Ronald Reagan signals the end of an era because his entire persona was intertwined with the country he so proudly served. Thank you, President Reagan, for giving us back our pride and our faith.  We loved you as you loved us.  We believed in you because you believed in us.  Thank you for making us your companions in this memorable rendezvous with destiny.  We miss you.  We will never forget you.  We will not let our children or our children’s children forget you. By keeping your memory alive, we keep alive the promise and ideals of this great country.” —Marie Ciliberti, Kensington MD

A message from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago
“We the people of the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago are deeply saddened by the passing of your loved one. Mr. Ronald Reagan was truly a monumental pillar in the spirit of democracy and possessed a warmth that transcended across many an ocean and sea. Though he has moved on to another place he shall always be present in our hearts and in all our endeavors for the betterment of humanity.” —Ezra James-Joaquim, Port of Spain

A shining legacy
"My deepest condolences on the loss of a great statesman, husband, father, grandfather and a shining star.  During my lifetime, I’ve known many a presidents, but none seem to outshine the work and legacy left behind by President Reagan.  I thank him and the family for allowing him to lead us and change the world as we see it today.” —Bryan A Harvester, Tampa, Florida

From families affected by Alzheimer's disease
“I am deeply saddened by the death of President Reagan and my thoughts and prayers are with his family.  However, as the daughter of a man who died of Alzheimer’s disease in 1998, I am also familiar with the incredible strains placed on the families of those with this horrible disease as they watch their loved ones quietly slip away, and so I am glad that both my father and the President are now at peace. I would like to thank Mrs. Reagan and the late Maureen Reagan for all they have done to bring this shadowy disease to the forefront of America’s consciousness.  Maybe some day no one will have to suffer from it. May President Ronald Reagan rest in peace.  God bless his soul and God bless America.” —Linda Covington, Fort Worth, TX

“To the family of Ronald Reagan, I’m so sorry about your loss. I understand the loss of a great man and the feelings involved with the illness that takes them away from us. My mother had Alzheimer’s and I lost her two and half years ago. Sorry Mrs. Reagan and family... you’re in my thoughts and prayers.” —Maureen, Austin

From a fellow Californian
“I am deeply sorry for your loss. He was a great man who led an extraordinary life.  I always felt kin to Reagan having been raised in California, I saw then Gov. Reagan at Knotts Berry Farm for the dedication of Independence Hall. My Dad was born in 1913 and I in 1959 so could relate in some ways to the Reagan children. I told my daughters, 13 and 15, that I expect them to watch the news this week and take in this historic event, they will remember it the rest of their lives. I just wish we lived closer and could go to Washington DC to see this first hand. Reagan will be missed.” —Pamela Berkey Bagenski, Palm Harbor,  Florida

The Great Communicator
“This is a sad event for all of the world.  Ronald Reagan was a visionary and the Greatest Communicator of all.  Watching video during that past 2 days I have been reminded of his brilliance.  Thank you Mr. Reagan for being a man who moved forward with your vision no matter what the world thought.  Our prayers are with the Reagan Family.  Thank you Nancy for sharing your husband and friend with the rest of us.  He will be remembered by all of us.” —David Cammilleri, Tampa Fl 

"The world has lost one of it’s best when the “Great Communicator” passed on. In my day, he was a visionary who did marvelous deeds without being overpowering. He made the world, my world, my children’s world and my granddaughter’s world a place of safe harbor. Sincerely," —Susan K. Gustafson, Meridianville, AL

Reagan was a blessing for America
“The world and my life are beneficiaries of the life of a grand man - Ronald Reagan. What a better place he blessed by his endurance, convictions, positivism, and belief in the Americans he so richly served. His influence is immeasurable: participant and not merely observer! To know him has been your domain, but to additionally admire, respect, and value him has been gratefully mine. May your days be blessed by the love that made it all work; that still lives!  He will be missed!” —E. Brice Kibler, Granville, Ohio

A hero to children
“President Reagan was my hero when I was a child.  I will never forget that or what he meant to every child my age.  He made our generation finally feel like our lives wouldn’t end in nuclear holocaust, and such a comfort that is to this day. My sincere condolences to your family.  His memory will never be forgotten.” —Kathy Caulkins, Coffeyville, Kansas

Nancy, you are an inspiration
“I have the utmost sense of loss today. But I also have the utmost sense of relief, knowing in my heart and soul that this great man is now in paradise with our Lord. May God bless you Nancy. You are an inspiration to us all. Your values and your courage and convictions are a shining example of what the Lord wants us to be. Thank You.” —Gary Hughes,  Leighton, Al