Teen kills dad after he shoots her mom

/ Source: The Associated Press

A teenage girl shot and killed her father Wednesday after he kidnapped her and two sisters at gunpoint and shot their mother in the face, authorities said.

The man was found dead in his car near a park about 30 miles east of Carson City, authorities said. He apparently had been drinking heavily and fell asleep, giving the girl the opportunity to shoot him.

Police had been looking for the girls since early Wednesday when their mother, Cindy Ball, called to say she had been shot by her estranged husband, Walter N. Ball, and he had abducted the girls.

“Detectives are investigating the possibility that Ball sexually abused the victims during the kidnapping,” Lyon County Sheriff’s Capt. Jeff Page told the Nevada Appeal. “There’s no rhyme, there’s no reason. This is simply the most evil thing I’ve ever heard of in my career.”

Officers were led to the man’s body by his daughters, ages 13, 16 and 19. Page declined to reveal which of them fired the fatal shot.

“These girls were scared to death. They believed they were going to die,” he said, adding that no charges were pending against them.

A week ago, the 43-year-old Ball was released on bail on felony charges of sexual assault, incest and assault with a deadly weapon. Further details on those charges were not immediately available.

The three girls were taken to a Reno hospital with unspecified injuries. Cindy Ball underwent surgery Wednesday and was listed in stable condition at the hospital.