Guys' turn to "go wild"

Joe Francis’ newest venture seems to be turning a lot of heads. Trying to double the profit from his infamous “Girls Gone Wild” series, he's modifying the meaning of the phrase “hottest, wildest, most beautiful real coeds”—this time, to mean men.

Aspiring actress Misty Nicole realized that men also wanted to be on film when she took a job as producer and camerawoman for Francis' company.  “Guys would actually come up to me and ask me to tape them,” she says in an interview scheduled to air on "Scarborough Country" Wednesday.  “They wanted to show me what they had.”

“Guys Gone Wild” follows the same set of rules as its predecessor: Scores of college coeds flash themselves on camera with or without the influence of alcohol.

Some standards are still supposed to apply: Consent forms are signed, and IDs checked.

“If they were too drunk, I wouldn’t film them,” Nicole adds.  “I don’t think anyone wants to look at a sloppy drunk.”

With a male version of the videotapes, there is the debate of whether the two series are equal—or just equally in bad taste.

According to former MTV VJ Kennedy, “There has always been porn and there will always be porn.  While ‘Girls Gone Wild’ is pretty much R-rated, the subject of guys flashing it quickly becomes X-rated.” 

There are other differences as well: What will not be seen on the “Guy’s Gone Wild” tapes is two men kissing.

“It’s not as exciting to see a naked drunk guy as it is alluring for men to see the out of control, drunk, sorority girl,”  Kennedy adds. 

These videos also tend to advertise heavily, and a lot of young people are unfortunately exposed to the commercials.

Traditional Values Coalition member Jessica Woods believes it is wrong that the “Girls Gone Wild” tapes objectify women and that no one has the right to do the same thing to men.  “These tapes are not a good example for America’s youth who are already over sexualized,” Woods said.  “This is not normal college behavior for most people.”

At this moment, there are three DVDs out for the news series: “Guys Gone Wild,”  “Guys Gone Wild: Spring Break,” and “Guys Gone Wild: Frat Boys.”  The original series has grossed over $110 million since its debut seven years ago.